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Jacked Up Feet


I have found from years of wrestling shoes and no shoes on matts
my feet are kind of jacked.

I groom, soak and clip get the occasional pedicure with the wife, but my feet are still jacked
calloused rugged like iron huge arch and not so straight toes.
I have some scars from matt burn

Cauliflower ear is the calling card of greco and grappling
I think feet are worse.


heh, my chick is always telling me how disgusting my feet are - i’ve just given up on them…and apparently I recently acquired some turf toe in my big toe.


I wear shoes when I do teh wrasslin

but I have callouses on the ball of my feet from twisting into punches training muay thai


I think all my toe nails are facing sideways…haha. I’m currently nursing a broken big toe now. No matter what I do to them…by end of the week,my feet resemble something that could have carved out the Grand Canyon.


Mine are mostly normal, except I caught an elbow while kicking thai pads two days ago. Advice for avoiding this?


[quote]Beershoes wrote:
Mine are mostly normal, except I caught an elbow while kicking thai pads two days ago. Advice for avoiding this?[/quote]

Dude,your foot looks swollen as hell…is that pic from today?

I notice that the only time I will hit elbows is if I’m reaching on my kicks. And depending on who is holding pads for me,if they’re holding more vertical…and I’m not turning my hips over enough…I will hit elbows when I’m getting tired.

I have more problems with my toes/feet,I guess,wrapping around the pads when kicking.


Beer shoes Dude stick your foot in an icebucket.

since I dont roll too much my feet are getting better looking… far far less callouses .

BigBoss broken big toe can suck…



[quote]kmcnyc wrote:
BigBoss broken big toe can suck…


Yeah…I can’t do much of anything…broken proximal phalange and sesamoid bone. I would rather have a broken arm right now.


Yeah I think it was a combination of about three things:

  1. I was tired
  2. I was getting sloppy
  3. The thai pads were too vertical

No that was from about 3 min after I kicked his elbow. Looking better now.


a) an elbow to the top of your feet always hurts, esp. when you’re tired and you throw a sloppy kick.

b) after years of training and copping bruises, the muscles on your feet (or any part of your body for that matter), start to have tiny little tears forming. and because of the regular training they seem permanent.
Now when you bruise, the fluid for it will be any little crevice in your muscle to fill up, hence resulting in massive swelling ,when really some of the time it isnt that bad.

ive seen someones knee blow up everytime they do high-impact sports. it goes down into a little bubble, and then just fill up again.


I remember having my feet ripped and bleeding after kendo practice. There’s nothing like a torn, practiced on, dirt encrusted callus. But hey, it’s all part of the fun, right? :slight_smile:


Funny, I’ve been thinking I’m getting a bunyon lately on my right foot. Thinking of changing my fighting stance to a southpaw stance to give my foot a break.