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Jacked Up Ankle, Cardio Ideas?

So I’m biting the bullet and going to an orthopedic surgeon to have my ankle looked at. It’s hurt for months, and I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that it isnt going to get better by its own.

I do cardio 2X a week on my off days… sometimes 3. And it usually consists of running on the street, the track or jumping rope mixed with medicine ball and/or sandbag work.

I stopped the running/jumping thing and worked the med ball and sandbag this morning. I tried doing some burpees but that hurt, so I stopped.

I think I can get my heart rate up enough with the med ball and sandbag, and at the same time it works the core, my upper body and legs… so this is all good. However, it might get old fast if I dont mix something else in.

Any ideas?


Kettleball swings, rowing come to mind…

Try some complexes, they’ll keep the heart rate up

Swimming? It’s almost summer after all…

First, I’d focus on taking care of my ankle ahead of “cardio”. Good luck w/that and, once it’s better, take steps to keep it strong and healthy.

That said, swimming sounds good. How’s it react to biking (i.e. riding your actual bike around and going places, not the spin things in the gym)?

Complexes (as has been mentioned), provided they don’t stress your ankle. Rowing machine (again w/the ankle caveat)?