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Jacked Legs and Snacks of Eggs


Kheaslim wrote this workout for me... he's known me since birth so what he writes for me usually gets me wicked results. This time I figured I'd do an online workout log so he can check up on me from a distance...

Also to get some t-vixens opinions and advice!

Jacked legs and snacks of eggs

Day 1 (monday)

Squat: Do sets of 5 working up to a max set of 5. Then take off 40lbs and do one more set of 5

Leg press (narrow stance): 4x10

1-leg leg extention: 4x15/leg

Intervals on the stepper: 39 secs as fast as possible, one minute recovery. 6 total sprints.

Day 2 (tuesday)

Incline bench press: warm-up, then 4x6-8

Flat dumbbell press: 4x10

Push-ups: 4x max

Triceps rope pushdown: 4x10

Abs of your choice: 4 sets of 15-20

Day 3 (wednesday)

Deadlift: sets of 5, working up to one max set of 5. Take 50lbs off and do one more set of 5

Stiff leg deadlift using dumbbells: 4x10

Lying leg curl: 3x10-12

Back extention: 3x20 (bw)

Incline (6-10) walking on treadmill: start with 10 mins. Add 1-2 mins as you feel you are able to.

Day 4 (thursday)


Day 5 (friday)

chin-ups: 5 sets of max reps

1-arm dumbbell rows: 4x8/arm

over hand lat pulldown: 4x10-12

Seated dumbbell curls: 4x10

abs of your choice

Day 6 (saturday)

A1. leg press 4x10
A2. leg curl 4x10

B1. Stiff leg deadlift 3x12
B2. Dumbbell front squat 3x12-15

C. walking lunge or split squat: 3x10

Day 7 (sunday)




i have questions.

why narrow stance leg press? is that to work the quads more?

why one leg on the leg extension? is that so you can focus on each quad better than both at once?

are you hoping to grow your legs with snacks of eggs?

love the title :slight_smile:


lol you should see some of the names he puts on my workouts, they're ridiculous...

ya you're right it's to work the quads more, since day 1 is a quad day.

i think when i do leg extensions with both legs, the stronger leg kind of takes the lead... if i do them one leg at a time then i'm forcing the weaker one to do its part.

i asked kheaslim for a leg specific workout since they're the grossest part of me.


makes sense..
interesting to see how you make progress with it. My lower half is my nemesis as well, as I think it is for most females.

After my dieting phase, I plan to jack up the training with such a plan. Do you eat at maintainence or a slight deficit?

Oh, hai!


i'm eating really clean right now, definitely a slight deficit... so i'm interested to see how it goes too!


Day 1 (Monday which i forgot to write down and don't quite remember)

115lbs 1x5
135lbs 1x5
155lbs 1x5
165lbs 1x5
175lbs 2x4 (forgot to add at the end, took off the 40lbs and did another set of 5. sets were looking pretty sad at this point)

Narrow stance leg press:
270lbs 4x10

1-leg Ext:
40lbs 2x10/leg
30lbs 2x12/leg

Stepper: 40 sec sprint 1 min rest x8

Day 2 (today)

Incline bench:
65lbs warm up 1x10
85lbs 3x6
85lbs 1x4

Flat DB press:
30lbs 2x10
30lbs 1x8
25lbs 1x10

Push ups:

ok, I know the push ups are pathetic. I know!

Tricep pushdown:
50lbs 1x10
55lbs 3x10



LL -

eggs are not snacks.

Might I suggest parfait?

parfait makes a good dessert.



Hey there and welcome!

Looks like you've been around T-Nation awhile.

Maybe everybody already knows you.

How long have you been lifting?

Big numbers on your squats there, at least to me they're fantastic.

I have a case of squat envy at the moment.


lol yeah I've been on T-Nation and lifting for a bit... but never got around to writing a log... this way I'm held accountable!


Alright Update:

My boyfriend wants to do a full body workout with me on one of my days off. Since my current workout is so brutal, I'll be adding the workout below at a very light weight on one of the rest days:

Flat bench - Barbell 3 x 8-12
Incline Bench - Dumbells 3 x 8-12
Incline Bicep curls 3 x 8-12
Deadlifts 3 x 6-8
One arm military press - Barbell 3 x 6-8
Seated cable rows - Wide grip/narrow grip alternating 3 x 8-12
Leg press with calf raise finishers 3 x 8-12
Hack squats/wall squats


Those are some pretty awesome numbers miss :wink:


hey its Meg!!

lol i don't think i'll ever be lifting at the megatron level!


Ugh... Day 3 ... death to my hammies...

95lbs 1x5
115lbs 1x5
135lbs 1x5
155lbs 1x5
175lbs 1x5
185lbs 1x5
135 2x5

DB stiff leg deadlift:
30lbs ... ok give me a break ... i'm already tired. 4x10

Laying hammy curl:
25lbs/leg 3x10

Back ext(bw):

Treadmill, incline 7, 10 minutes

Side note: there was a tiny man following me everywhere, totally taking advantage of the fact that all my exercises pointed my butt out


LOL to the side note!!

You are definitely at mega-tron level! I am the opposite of you I think. I have decent lower body strength just because I've got big legs to work with lol. My upper body strength is pretty weak..especially my bench.

Can't wait to read more about your workouts :slightly_smiling:


Nice! Another new log to follow :slight_smile:
Looking good so far :slight_smile: And your Avi is really pretty!!


lol aw thanks!

nothing compared to that jacked back of yours!


Hey all those DLs are looking good and that is a very nice avi pic up there.

What are your stats as far as age, height, weight?

Goals with lifting?

You mentioned Kheaslim. Is he your coach, friend, BF, husband, father, next door neighbor, stalker?

I'm asking because I think I'm probably the last person on T-Nation to realize that IH and Greeny are a married couple.


haha Im her brother

I was thinking I should have added some direct calves work. I think if your gym has a standing calf machine, that would be great. Would also help with your ankle mobility.

If you only have the seated machine, I would just do calf raises on a platform holding a weight if necessary, few sets of 12-15 on whichever days you want.


Jacked legs indeed! I'm on a big legs kick myself right now.
I'll be popping in here to steal ideas and inspiration!


alright i'll add it to one of the days ...

YA Kheazy is my big brother from the same mother ... and father