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Jacked Dude Shows Impressive Strength


I'll let the video speak for itself.

BTW, the video site is NSFW



Exercise at 2:40 looks pretty unhealthy for the shoulder joint.


Why is there so many porn ads? Is this supposed to be considered erotic to persons attracted to the male sex?

I was waiting for a lady to ride him while he's levitating in midair.


Nothing your average gymnast cant do, and in no way jaw dropping. I am sorry but these self named "ghetto" work outs are nothing innovative and nothing special. Gymnasts have done this stuff for years and no one out side of the fitness community respects them for it, but people seem to go crazy when they see this.

Basically if you have any kind of athletic genetic talent and low body fat go to a gymnastics gym and start up, if you really work towards it I bet you can do some the same shit.

Sure it looks pretty but I would rather be 280lbs with traps up to my ears and a 2200+ power lifting total.

Sorry, rant over but it pisses me off when people put a new spin and a pretty bow one some thing old and call it new and innovative and that "it will change how you see exercise".


Two of the most profitable businesses online:

  • Free video hosting with ads
  • Porn


I don't get how, though. I've never paid for porn (online). There is so much free content out there!