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Jacked Desiel and Clemson Crew


what happened to you fuckers?


as soon as i read the other post mentioning this earlier today i knew someone was going to ask about it


ive been meaning to...i just uhhh never got around to it. more curious why JD ever left, he was entertaining. i know the whereabouts of most of the other doods


He's hiliarious as fuck in person.


Not nearly as jacked or diesel as I expected, though.


I'm still around although not in Clemson anymore.
Pierce is still around, still lives in the upstate.
As far as I know, Carl lives with his girlfriend (the one who had an account here and pictures of her ass all over the place for a while) in NC or somewhere that is not SC
Jacked Diesel finally graduated and I think is joining the military. He also bartends and beats up frat boys on the weekends
Dave graduated and is doing something. Not sure what.

There's another kid from Clemson on here, his screen name is rocker something or other, but I don't know who he is.

And for those of you who were wondering, Jacked Diesel actually is that big of an asshole in real life.


What ever happened to that tiger guy. He was kinda cute.


I just read that thread today. It was magical.


He got super diseal thighs...so i've been told


I never realized there we other people on here from Clemson. I had a friend of mine during the 07-08 year that roomed with a couple of crew guys but other than them I don't know any other crew guys personally. Kinda funny when you read the thread title and go "WTF there's other clemson tigers on here?"


Yeah, there used to be a lot of us on here.

Are you a Fike or a Dungeon lifter?


Did any of you guys ever wind up fighting each other? I think there was a thread or two where a couple people were talking shit to each other but I can't remember.


Nah, we had beers once, and that's about it.


What other thread?


I'm assuming the original clusterfuck one.


I still live in the upstate as stronghold mentioned

My wife, CuTiger, is clearly in the upstate with me

My old roommate, Hotcarl, is in NC although he was down here for the wedding as one of my groomsmen

Hotcarl's gf, TapThatAss, is in NC with him, they both due genetics stuff that is too complicated for my finance brain.


This thread title should be Crewpierce and the Clemson Crew, I was the first one here damnit lol


Jacked Diesel made the most noise.


Christ man!! Be quiet!

If you say his name 3 times he might come the fuck back.


Yeah, I meant the original. That one was pretty funny.