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'Jacked' Compliments


What comments about looking muscular has everybody here gotten (with your shirt on)?

My two favorite's are the school's principal asking me if I lift weights because he said I look very strong and a cop that was breaking up a party ask me if I was the bouncer (it was sarcastic, but still). Little comments like these just make my day. In September my wrestling coach said he was glad I look like I have been lifting- then in the weight-room he thought clean and presses and DB snatches should be done after lat pulldowns and benchpresses. No wonder everyone that follows his lifting advice fails to noticably progress.


"Damn honey you're getting fat!"

Wait, I don't think that was quite what he was looking for...


Uhh, I get accused of taking steroids everytime I enter the weightroom and lift.

I also get asked a lot to be a bouncer at friends parties which is cool, I usually get money out of that.

That's about it because I wear big clothes and they can't really tell how I look under the clothes most people think I'm fat.


I get asked to perform 'donkey calf raises'. I guess that is a compliment.



I was about to add two thing but then i realized you wanted things people have said while you were wearing a shirt. So here is the one, one day somebody came up to me and said I had huge arms, then he asked if I was taking steroids.


I usually get accused of steroids a lot. It's a helluva compliment and most people don't realize they're complimenting you. People staring when you walk down the beach is fun too.

By far the greatest compliment I ever received didn't involve words. Last summer, I was doing some work around the house with my shirt off. I look up at the car driving by to see a hot girl in the passenger seat glance over at me. As soon as she sees me, her jaw just drops and she stares until she's down the road. When you get that kind of response, you know you're doing something right.


Well, I am a bouncer. But I get asked a lot "How did you get that big" I always want to say "I sit around all day eating cheetos. Doesn't that work for you?"


Two friends and I were walking back from the gym in Myrtle Beach, SC (during Beach Week) and were asked if we were wrestlers or something, "'cause y'all look all musclebound."

A guy in the gym a few weeks back commented that he hoped I didn't run into a grizzly, "'cause it might be bad for the bear."


I get accused of taking steroids by my coworkers a lot. However, I think that it has more to do with the fact that no one at my work lifts, because Im certainly not big (Im a rather small looking 220-225 and carry a lot of weight in my legs).

Also, I gained 40 pounds or so fairly quickly (less then a year) so I guess the difference, for people who knew me before I started lifting, is fairly noticeable. Sadly, I dont think anyone, if meeting me for the first time today, would think "damn, he's big!"


I went on a "retreat" for school that I also went on last year. So I'm sitting there eating a huge breakfast when this really good looking girl sits down next to me. She cups her hand under my arm, looks at it for a second, lowers her voice and says "You got really buff!".

The room got really quiet, like she had revealed some sort of secret that she shouldn't have. A bunch of people started whispering.Later I found out that they were all, (and still probably are) under the impression that I had done a bunch of steeeeeroids. I'm not, I consider myself little more than a newbie (only been lifting for 8mo now), but it still feels awesome whenever I see them at school.


In my liberal arts college, I was doing 90lb-95lb dumbell incline presses for 10x3 and some kid with his jaw on the floor said "That was superhuman man." I've always wanted to be a superhero.


I often get accused of taking steroids, and have been told I am "pumped" numerous times. Its good motivation


did you mean 3 sets of 10? I am just asking... I have never heard of someone doing 10 sets of 3 for incline dumbell press.


As a skinny kid all my life, just a couple of months into training, getting these compliments were insanely awesome.

First, I walk in to get a haircut, and my hairdresser (I don't know what else to call him) looks at me and says "Man, you're looking buff! Have you been lifting?"

The Dean of Students at my school is talking to some kids, I walk by, he interrupts their conversation and says "Dan, looking big. You been lifting?"

Finally, yesterday, I'm at a coffee house with my brother, he brought two girls from his school, one that I've met before, another I haven't. Today at breakfast, my brother turns to me, he goes, "You know when I was waiting to play and I was talking with Lily and Lucy? Well, Lucy was like 'Wow, Dan is really jacked,' and Lily went 'Yeah, I know.'"


I love T-Nation. Skinny bastard no more!


You need to read more Waterbury ...



I watched my 16 year old son's cross country meet today in Boston. The meet was in Franklin Park, a not so good part of the city, so I dressed a bit thuggish - black watchcap, black fleece, Oakleys, combat boots. After the meet I walked back to the team area with my son and his team. He and his team mates were wearing long sleeve UnderArmour T-shirts under their running singlets.

The sleeves of the UnderArmours were flapping in the brisk fall air. After he gathered up his gear, he said "bye" to the team and walked back to the car. A little later in the car, my son said, "Dad, the guys on the team were really surprised at what different body types we have."

"What do you mean?", I asked.

"Well, they said you looked really strong".

"Yeah", I said. "...the ArmourAll stuff you wear ..."

"It's UnderArmour Dad."

"Whatever. Is that stuff supposed to be tight?"

"Yeah it is. But I bought it large so I can grow into it."

My son, he's 5'10 and 130 pounds. And he's the heaviest guy on the team. Me, I'm 5'10"ish and 205. So, I take their compliment with a grain of salt.


Nope, I meant 10 sets of 3 reps. Check out Waterbury's stuff...10x3 with your 6RM works quite well for strengh and size gains.


Yeah, I was gonna say-'You must be new to the site'. Although 3x10 would be more impressive.


well i happen to get a lot of compliments on my look. Whenever i go to a restaurant or GNC the ladies always tell me i look buff or they like my shape and physique. When i go to a club, sometimes random girls grab my ass or chest, it's weird, sometimes i feel like club girls are vampires because they like to bite me a lot.


I've had two trainers at my gym ask me AND my wife what I was taking. It's a compliment. Some guys you won't see in the gym for months, and they act like you must be on roids or something. I'm thinking, what? I saw you six months ago? Do you even workout?