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Jacked By WU...

I recently sent off some cash with WU for a small order. The receiver was unable to pick up the money though. After fucking with with phone operators and such for a while I learned that the receiver, who was a made up non-existent person, had been flagged by WU for “receiving too much money and not showing up for a meeting with WU officials.” WTF!?

And obviously the senders name was fictitious too so I was unable to get my money back without an ID. So basically WU jacked me for my $$ and I am pissed. The problem is that many good sources use WU only.

Anyway, in the end the guys at Couture saw that the money was there and they decided to treat the situation like a seizure so they sent the package anyway. That was awesome of them, of course.

So WTF is up with WU doing this shit? Has it happened to anyone else?

WU sucks ass. I’ve used it once and got screwed.

wow! that hasn’t happened to me, but I’ve only pd by WU. Actually I am just about send some. A bit worried now

thats one of the reasons why using a fake name is a bad idea…

If you’re sending money, I think it’s always a good idea to use your real name, yes. That way if something goes wrong, and WU clerks are notorious for fucking shit up, you can get your money back. There’s nothing illegal about sending money transfers. They don’t what the hell you’re sending money for.

Dianna - Glad you still got your pack. :wink:

This has not happened to me yet, but the idea has always been in the back of my mind (how easy it would be for a slip up to happen with a WU transfer when fictitious names and addresses are used.)

[quote]iksrtfo28 wrote:
thats one of the reasons why using a fake name is a bad idea…[/quote]


I’ve used my real name for 5 WU orders. My thinking was, if the feds are going to bust you, they’re going to do it no matter what name you sign on that piece of paper.