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Jacked Athlete 31- Questions

Hello CT,
I am about to start the Jacked Athlete 31 program which Im really excited about, though I have a couple questions so I am ready to go.


  1. On the performance weeks’ strength/lifting days. Are the BB lifts done in a circuit fashion or completed each on their own?

  2. Block 1 Performance Weeks- How long should I rest between sets for the BB Lifts? (Eccentric, Isometric, etc lifts).

  3. Gap Workout- Can I do Intensity type sets for the gap workout and then transition to volume type sets for the hypertrophy weeks? I find when I alternate between the two I get better pumps. Or should I only do volume type training for hypertrophy work throughout the program?

  4. ‘To those four big lift we add 15 minutes of conditioning work to the Monday, Wednesday and Friday sessions. While it can be pure conditioning work like bouts of rowing ergometer, assault bike or intervals, it can also be sets of loaded carries (3-4 sets of 60-100 meters) or prowler pushing’.

I’ve got:

  • Monday- Farmers Walks
  • Wednesday- Sprints 2nd session later in the day (Total 300 metres- split into 30m / 60m sprints)
  • Friday- Prowler Pushes
  • 30 minute Walks on 3 non-training days for recovery.

This all ok to do?

Thank you,

Each on their own unless specifically mentioned.

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I normally have athletes use between 2 and 4 minutes. 3-4 on movements like squats and deadlifts (and olympic lifts) and 2-3 between upper body lifts.

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Honestly, the gap workout can be whatever “hypertrophy” work you want. Provided that it is not heavy work and that the volume doesn’t burn you down for the Monday workout. You should be significantly less fatigued after a gap workout than after the main ones.

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On the surface yes. But not everybody can do sprint work as a 2nd session. I’ve worked with an athlete and when we used that strategy he would constantly pull a hamstring while sprinting. The main reason is that lifting, will increase neurological activation which will have 2 main effects on sprinting:

  1. It makes you more powerful
  2. It increases muscle tone, making you a bit stiffer

That combination can be hazardous to the most powerful athletes or those who are already pretty stiff.

That having been said, a lot of people can do it. Especially if you have several hours between sessions.


Fantastic, with the sprints, I am ok with distances 60 metres or less. I also don’t go 100%, more 95-97% effort. I like to concentrate on technique over maximal effort when sprint training.

Just few more question.

  1. Just as a guide, how should the BB lifts finish. For example, 1 rep short of failure or 2 reps short etc. How should these lifts look?

  2. Reading your work on ‘Look like a Bodybuilder, Perform like an Athlete’, you mention ‘It’s all about pressing’ to be the most important move for performance.

    Out of the four movements, Hip Hinge, Squat, Press & Pull, my Press (upper body) is clearly my main weakness, compared to my progression on the other three.

    Would I be best replacing one of the three movements with another upper body press as my main 4 lifts (one vertical, one horizontal), so to help improve & bring up, plus tie in with your pressing emphasis? Or is it best to stay with the original 4 different movements?

  3. Just on the Farmers Walks & Prowler Pushes. Can I cater to more muscle building emphasis (30 metres / 30 seconds) or should I be concentrating on more conditioning emphasis (60+ metres / 60+ seconds)? Can I be flexible here?

Thank you,