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Jacked Athlete 31 or New Circuit Training?

Hello, everyone ,
Briefly about my training career

Years of straight periodization for powerlifting with equipment (340/220/325 @ ~ 100kg bw)

Now I have been doing three quarters of a year with 2 short breaks according to the principle

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I lost 23kg as a result, the shape is now good, veins on the stomach are now visible, kcal is always tracked

2 years now also jiujitsu with ground fighting for fun

Now I would like to build up properly while maintaining the athletic performance as much as possible and fluctuate between “The jacked Athlete 31Plan” or “The new circuit training workout” with strength and hypertrophy circles

Or I had also thought about exchanging the jacked Athlete 31’s Wednesday training for a muscle building circuit with short breaks for the purpose of receiving athletic performance !!

What are your experiences / opinions about it? thanks

You’re now 77 kgs right? My man, what do you want to build? If you reached these numbers, you most likely are already jacked, and strong as hell in any case.

If I were to change a day in this program, change the gap workout.

It’s a nice program, but you probably need a bit of conditioning on the side.

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thanks for the feedback
yes the data is correct 77kg + - at the moment and the lifted weights are from the last year with 103kg bw in the preparation , but the competitions are all cancelled :-/

As already said, I now want to train more versatile, towards athletic performance / health etc. (which also benefits martial arts), because I am no longer the youngest (42 years young)

then I will do the jacked athlete 31 as described in the kcal plus, with a little interval cardio and then swap the GAP unit if necessary