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Jacked Actors in the BBing World

I remember when the dark knight was being filmed, writers would say how bale had to take steroids to get so huge for the role of batman. If you look around the forums here, that guy (bale) is rather tiny in the world of body building.

Take home point: writers should stick to writing.

[quote]Majin wrote:
writers would say how bale had to take steroids to get so huge for the role of batman.

Take home point: writers should stick to writing.[/quote]

Yep, the writers for The Dark Knight don’t know shit about training.

This has been brought up many times before though. Use the search function.

Well the brothers Nolan (John and Christopher, the director) wrote the script so I think they’d have a vague idea of what Christian Bale did to get in shape. Plus, their job is to hype up the movie in any way possible. Saying Bale was on teh roidz adds to the ZOMG! factor to the general public.

Look around you on any American street. Even 15 inch arms are a rarity even with heavy folks. To average looking people, Bale has the body of a god.

Ok, I’m confused by this post. Who are the writers we’re talking about?

The reviewers of the movie?

Or, the screenplay writers of the movie?

Bale had more lean mass than a lot of people on this forum

Although I agree that Christian Bale’s body doesn’t scream steroids (I’ve seen many people who haven’t taken them bigger than him), he went from 120 pounds in The Machinist, to 220 pounds for his role in Batman, in 6 months. Obviously he was severly underweight in the machinist so he’d gain weight fast, but I find 100 pounds in 6 months naturally very hard to believe. Seriously, look him up in the machinist. Even with steroids, incredible transformation in 6 months.

Bale took steroids to get big for Batman Begins. For the the dark night he did not juice. If you notice, in The Dark Night he is more of a normal looking guy that hits the gym 5 days a week. In good shape compared to the average joe, but nowhere near his size in BB.