JACKASS - The Movie....

The reviews are trickling in. Here’s where you can read some as well as see some vewy intewesting pics: www.aintitcoolnews.com/ display.cgi?id=13616 (space at “/” and “display”). Enjoy!

I’m pumped about this movie Patricia! I’m not going to worry about many reviews, as I can’t see Ebert praising the work of Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville. What’s funny is though, I have a older brother who’s like 12 yrs. older than me (he’s 33), has a wife and kids, and is the local commonwealth’s atty. (felony prosecution), and he will be the first in line with me Friday. All the while, my old-school Dad thinks we’re nuts for watching this stuff.

Poohbaya: if you read the link, you’ll see that Moriarty of Ain’t It Cool News absolutely LOVES this movie. Also, better believe that we’ll be seeing this, too.