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Jack3d + Novedex. Good Idea?


Hi all.

I have read that these two products give you good results on there own. So now I wonder, is it a good ideá combining these two? I also take omega-3, multivitamine, magnezium, protein and L-glutamine.

My goal is to increase overall fitness since I do 1-2 crossfit workouts a day.


Mate, seriously don't waste your money! Popping some caffeine/drinking coffee and getting yourself psyched up before you lift will do you just as good as Jack3d for a fraction of the price. As for Novedex, do you really need it? How old are you?



DUDE, just read the other thread that's just like this and you'll realize that everyone will be switching to Gregron and I's new supplement brand soon.

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I have indeed tried Jack3d, was not a fan at all but admittedly I'm sensitive to stims. Gave me a killer migraine and ringing in my ears presumably due to a spike in BP?



Hi guys, some good advices.
I may have not been clear what I meant. (it's the language barrier).

Will it be bad combining these two? Or will I just get the benefits of both.

Oh, by the way. I'm 23


don't take neither, stop wasting your money and get some coffee and creatine and you're set


This. Hopefully your taking your foundational supplements (multi, fish oil, green tea extract, vit. D etc...)


Novedex doesn't even do anything. They put a compound in it that gets detected as testosterone so you think your T levels are up like 1000%, but they aren't and you feel and look exactly the same.

Nolvadex, on the other hand, is a prescription-only SERM.


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I haven't tried the Novadex myself, but I've had many clients take it and complain about the lack of results. Keep in mind this is still having them on a great eating plan and intense workout sessions. There was some help but not enough to the merit the high price-tag; the cash would be better spent on some quality meals.

Jack3D I've taken and many of my co-workers and clients as well. We all have come to a consensus that it does nothing for actual muscle building, it just cracks you out and gives you a rush of energy/mental high. Surge Workout Fuel actually helps with glycogen potentiation and is a good source of pre and intra-workout carbs and electrolytes. Why throw your money away on an overpriced caffeine source when for a few dollars more you can have one of the best dietary supplements ever made IMO?

Again, this is all supplemental. If your diet isn't right and your not taking your foundational supplements, you better work on getting those down before you worry about test boosters and pre-workouts. Why do you need a test booster at that young age? Your balls fall off or something? Be a man, use your own shit.




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