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Jack3d and Animal Cuts Stack?


Any problem stacking USP Labs Jack3d with Universal Animal Cuts? I have never stacked these two type of supplements before. Thanks for any help



i took a quick look around at that Jack3d stuff. I’d look deeper into the actual ingredients, I was unable to find what I would call an “unbiased” page on it. Granted I spent like 3min, but there should be something that isn’t sponsored out there.

But if it’s just a PWO drink then stacking it with Cuts isn’t a “bad” thing to do. Taking supplements you don’t know very well is a bad idea. Do work.


Based on what I looked up I’m not quite sure you did ANY research before asking this question. You’re wanting to stack two different fat burners (granted the Jack3d has creatine in it)? I have to ask the question why?

Also on your profile you’re 6’ and weigh 175#'s are you trying to lose more weight?