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Jack Slack: Killing the King

Fucking great article, and fucking great series. Love this guy. I wouldn’t go gay for him but if he needed a foot massage or something…well…y’kno.


That was a really interesting article, thanks for sharing.

Ray Robinson

Pity, it took me a while to realize some of Slack’s best articles aren’t actually on his website, but rather on the judo chop series he writes for sbnation or whichever site it is, I forget.

here’s the link btw:

I posted the link at the bottom of the article I think

But for more of Jack’s SB stuff:


Since you guys here posted some of Jack’s stuff I’ve taken a look.

He’s definitely WAY above 90%+ of all net-commentators.

Still, being the nitpicking, critical cunt that I am, I disagree with his texts just as often.
In my opinion, he seems to not seperate tactics & strategy at all.
“Hold your fist that way and spread your pinky - you win.”
That can work in specific BJJ situations fine, because these can be broken into expressions of limb-binary.

But for actual fights…

Whatever, he’s worth checking out.

I don’t get that feeling at all schwarz, in fact in a few of his article he acknowledges that its one thing to pick apart a fight or make predictions based on analysis, its another thing entirely how it ends up playing out.

His stuff is none the less, excellent analysis. It’s certainly leaps and bounds ahead of joe rogaine and goldberg lettuce guffawing over “excellent boxing” whenever a guy managed to swing his limbs in consecutive fashion.