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Jack Reape, Thanks For Everything


This weekend I had the opportunity to meet Jack Reape at the AAU Nationals in Virginia. I'm so grateful to Jack for the wealth of knowledge he shared with me. I competed in the meet and pulled a PR. It was great because Jack was right there after each pull telling me how it looked and what to change and giving me advice on my next lift. I had a blast with Jack the entire weekend.

If anyone gets the chance to see Jack compete I highly recommend doing so. It was a site to see. To see a man with 25 years of PL experience pull a PR is amazing.

Thanks Jack for all the help this weekend and for the good company. Juliet and I had a great time meeting you.


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Hey you didn't finish. What did you weigh in at? weights lifted? Your opinion of the experience, etc.?



I weighed in at 178, pulled 440 on my first attempt, pulled 470 on second attempt, missed 485 on third.

My experience was awesome. They are having a full meet down there in January which I will be doing as well. It was a lotta fun.


Here is one of Jack getting ready to pull something in the 500s. Look at the scoreboard at the kg and figure it out.

I will have the video for you guys of him pulling 617 soon enough


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Thanks, but the pleasure was all mine. I am not sure whether I like helping others to PR or doing one myself.Marty, Pavel, Vonda, Bob, Ellen, Tom, Jody, their kids, you and Juliet made a great weekend. I needed to get out and compete and flush out the headgear, and you guys all made it worth it.

Back to work today because i am never satisfied. Maybe 800-600-660 might do it....



Thata boy. BTW I ordered some Navy PL shirts last night to remind of a great weekend.