Jack Owoc

Does anyone know if the supplements created by Jack Owoc work? It seems like Duchaine respected this guy, and he was the first person to say Designer Protein was crap, so that leads me to believe he knows his stuff. However, his methoxy supplement is “more potent than Deca”, and I tried it, and if what he says is true, then Deca doesnt do crap! But we all know such is not the case, so I am wondering if I should listen to this guy.

I think you just answered your own question.

I’ve never used any of his products and don’t plan on it either. His ads are such b.s. Anytime you see someone claim that their supplement is better than gear, gh, clen., etc. an alarm should go off in your head. Just not going to happen. Additionally, his packaging ploy (making the products look like pharmaceuticals) is another marketing scam. As for Duchaine appearing in some adds, I really don’t know how legit that was. I mean, the picture looked like it was taken during some chance meeting at a convention. Dan didn’t give any endorsement or even hold one of Owoc’s products up. It kind of looked like he just took a picture with the guy and Owoc took it on himself to print the picture in his adds. The whole ad campaign stinks of rip off and is very questionable from a legal standpoint.

I’ve used Paradeca and Decavar on seperate occasions and I developed extreme joint pain. These products claim to supress huge amounts of cortisol as well. So maybe they work in that regard since cotisol does function as an anti-inflamatory. Overall Androsol kicks their ass.

Hey, I have no idea about the supplements but watch out–Duchane was operating near the edge most of the time. Yes he was great in many ways, but his advice also killed people–injecting IGF-1,etc. Just watch out and think before you leap!

A friend of mine bought the Paradeca and didn’t like the taste, so he gave it to me, I’ve tried everything on the market. This stuff sucks.