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Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Figured it was time to start logging here after following the site and other peoples posts for a while.
Little background:
Height- 5’7, weight 177

Past year I competed in a powerlifting meet and strongman competition. Have another full power meet coming up in 2 weeks. Was working with a modified 5-3-1 approach and doing events on the weekends. Taking a step back from strongman to focus on my squat which really sucks although my other lifts are far from admirable. Current numbers are:

Squat: 290
Bench: 245 with pause
Pull: 405
Snatch: 165
Clean: 210

Currently in my second week of Smolov .
I’ll post some pictures and videos of the strongman comp. when I get a chance

3/5/12- Week 2 day 1 of smolov

Been using the SSB for smolov, but facing it the other direction in order to replicate a high bar squat.
5 min jump rope
Lots of hip mobility work
Worked up to 4x9 at 210.

Body weight movements (trying to increase reps)
Handstand pushups: 6-5-4-3-2
Chest to bar strict pullups: 6-5-4-3-3
Chins: 9-8-7-7-7

Weighted dips: 45 1x10, 75 1x5, 50 3x10

Conditioning rowing:
500 meter (1:36)
400 (1:20)
300 (1:02)
200 (37)
100 (19)

and 2 250 meter rows each at 46 sec.- Been trying to beat that time and my 500 time for a while