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Jack Nicholson Retires



Why no love for Jack so far?

Oh well, I wonder if he'll still occupy that front row seat at the annual Academy Awards,
or just....fade away quietly.


Or maybe http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/jack-nicholson-not-retiring-from-acting-thank-god-20130904


Anyone else freaked the fuck out at how much Nicholson looks like Bill Murray in this pic?


Wow, now it's hard to believe which one of these stories is fuckin' true...they are both NOT
the most popular sites even though many people know about them.
Maybe I'll wait for Geraldo Rivera to get the REAL scoop on this Horseshit.


He does look a lot like Murray, kind of even reminds me a little of the Suntory Hibiki poses in Lost In Translation. Glad he's staying on, wonder what his next project will turn out to be.


You know what would be great?

If he came back not as his Joker, but as an old Heath Ledger Joker to do like Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns.


That's treading dangerous territory, but if done delicately, it could be great.


We all get old, but seeing him in his last few movies... man.

Like Eastwood in Trouble with the Curve. Distracts from the movie cause it just makes you feel old...


This is nothing short of brilliance.


You know what was an awesome movie? The Departed.....



I guess it's better for him to retire than to keep doing that shit movies about where he is an old womens casanova.


The twins are happy Jack's not retiring...Jack is with the twins forever, and ever, and ever.