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Jack Johnson's Best Song?


Not hardcore lifting music, but dude is talented. This is my fav by him.




I prefer Sitting, Waiting, Wishing. I wish he had more songs like that.

Most of his other songs seem too bubbly.


Have the balls to say what you feel like saying.


Rodeo Clowns is pretty good .. but I like Breakdown the best (the remix from Handsome Boy Modeling School's album "White People" is great)


I actually love Jack Johnson (but don't tell my lifting buddies -lol). First got into him when I saw the Curious George movie, then I hadda buy the soundtrack... after that, a few of my students copied his other discs for me. Great stuff, just puts you in a good (mellow) mood.

For you hardcore meatheads, just realize that relaxing is good for lowering your cortisol :wink:



I like Crying Shame and Breakdown.

Jack Johnson is awesome, it's awesome to relax to. No shit you're not going to listen to it while you work out lol.


you're right marshall is way more talented.


His music is great for just hanging out at the beach and having some drinks.


My complaint about Jack Johnson isn't that his stuff is too weak or too mellow. There's a place for that, like everything else, in the big scheme of things. Rather, I think he's artistically meritless, terrible sounding, and bordering on retarded.


Me too. I think he needs to stick to surfing. I don't think it was paying the bills for him like it was/is for Kelly Slater though.


If he stuck to surfing for much longer the man would be dead. He ended his surfing career with an accident requiring 150 stitches and 2 front teeth.


He still surfs Pipe, so I doubt that accident made him quit surfing professionally. I think that accident was (sort of) caused by Kelly Slater who yelled, "You won't go, Jack!" when Johnson was debating pulling out of a heavy pipeline drop. Surfing magazine did an article on it about 10 years ago.


you bite your tongue, jack johnson is a stud. and i gotta say taylor and banana pancakes are my top 2


Jack Johnson is great! I listen to all his albums.

My favorite has to be Taylor because it reminds me of a girl I had a huge crush on in highschool.

Can you guess her name?




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rofl, but hey ya never know right? lol