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Jack Dempsey's Book Online



As a beginner, I find this book a huge help. Most of yall are a little farther ahead than me but I hope you get something out of it.


I have it and it's an awesome read from one of the greatest!


Yeah, it is an amazing read. A good read for any starting boxer. Also pummels you with the importance of technique with a lot of information. Keeping in mind some of Dempsey's tips while working the heavy-bag and etc for a long time, you'll be punching like a pro.

It's also kind of funny and inspiring to read. Like the part where he points out Williard looked like the victim of a premature mine blast by the end of round 1. haha.


Best book on boxing EVER! No joke.


It really is the best book ever written on Boxing


Xen Nova=the chinning monster :wink:)