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Jack Daniels Honey


This stuff is solid.

Seriously. Try it.


Are/were you drunk?


I just tried this for the first time last night and asked the bar I was at to get me a bottle.


My wife ordered a Jack and apple cider drink last night ... wasn't bad at all

have to say I've been intrigued by the Jack and honey since I saw a commercial for it.


Man, I think that stuff is nasty.


Spar - haha nah I wasnt

Nards - actually tried that very whiskey as well last night, it tasted like those red hots candies, wasnt sure what I thought of that


Well, I'm Canadian and from what I've seen Canada is nutty for cinnamon. It's in almost everything. It's like the Spice from Dune.

I like Fireball as I find the cinnamon more sweet than spicy. I bought some Dentyne Fire chewing gum last time I was back in Canada and that shit burns the whole 4 minutes till the flavor runs out.


Honey whiskey in general is pretty good.


If I drink this how slutty will it make me?


OMG I love dentyne fire, I don't even like gum I just like the burny flavour.


Then this helps my theory that cinnamon is to Canada what David Hasselhoff is to Germans.


Has anybody tried that new Soco with Tabasco in it? I nearly puked just watching the commercial.


True Story: When I was 17 or 18 and had just graduated high school, a buddy and I were drinking SoCo and I was eating peppercini's. I learned a valuable lesson that night: Don't mix peppercini and SoCo .. No me gusta vomitar!


Try mixing the JD honey with some lemonade. You can make it very strong because it's so sweet. Granted, I like mixing regular JD with lemonade. Or just drinking it neat....damn I love JD.


I also like American honey


that american honey looks great. jd honey took for ever to get to my fucking communist liquor hell hole then when it did arrive i was on my way to a bottle when some typical bane of my existence loser students stepped up to it grabbed one and were talking about how awesome it was and how hammered they had gotten off it the night before. needless to say i turned 180 and grabbed a bottle of kracken rum


This is lovely. I put it in hot water with sugar and a tiny bit of butter.




So slutty you'll just own it. Honest slut rockula.


What a ripoff. The least they could do is put the comb in the bottle, so I could have snack while I drink.