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I feel like I have daggers in my quads. I’ve been jelly-legged since I finished the workout, and I could hardly get out of bed this morning.

Good fun :joy:


Good job, I would be happy if I could pull off those squats, what are LPDs?


Lat Pulldowns


Thursday, 6th of December
Some fluff

Did this in my hotel room in Singapore (great city) first thing in the morning.

Feet-Elevated Push-Ups:

  • 3x3+3+3+3 cluster ss 3x20 face pull-aparts

Each mini-set of 3 was performed every 15th second, with a pause in the bottom position between reps. This would actually make a pretty great chest finisher.

Hand-Elevated Push Ups:

  • 2x1+2+3+4 ss 2x20 face pull-aparts

This was performed as:
1 rep, 1 second pause at bottom
2 reps, 2 second pause at bottom

Giant set:

  • 3x20 frog sit-ups
  • 3x30 frog pumps
  • 3x20 J Pulldowns w band

Bit of fun, not too strenuous but good enough


Friday 7th of December
Leg Fluff

Good news! the hotel we’re at for the next 4 nights actually has a reasonably good gym.

100 skips

Sitting Leg Curl: (no rest between sets)

  • 20x10
  • 30x10
  • 35x5
  • 40x5
  • 45x5
  • 50x5
  • 55x5
  • 50x5
  • 45x8
  • 40x16
  • 35x12

Then, short rest

  • 50x3
  • 45x8 (partials)

Low Close Stance Horizontal Leg Press / Leg Extension

  • 40x5x20 / 10x5x20

Weight? What weight? Swallowed my ego and chased the pump. It was fun/not fun at al

Immediately after the final leg extension set did 50 feet-together bodyweight squats

Stir the pots / Stability Ball Body Saws

  • 3x20s both directions / 3x20s / 30s rest

Abs were smoked.

Great workout


Saturday: 8th of December
Push Fluff

100 skips

I figured if I’m going to be doing loads of hypertrophy work I might as well do a Push/Pull/Legs while I’m here

Tempo Incline DB Press:

  • 32x6x6 EMOM

Tempo Seated DB Press:

  • 16x8x8 EMOM

Tempo Decline Skullcrushers:

  • 22x10x10 EMOM

Vince would be proud.

I quite liked doing EMOMs for one movement as an hypertrophy stimulus. Perhaps this will make it into my assistance protocol.


Sunday 9th of December
Pull Fluff

Chins (varied grips):

  • 50 total in about 20 minutes. I’m getting fat :joy:

SA DB Row:

  • 18x10x10, EMOM

Pinwheel Curls (Odd minutes) / EZ Curls (Even Minutes)

  • 6x4x8 EOMOM / 22x4x8 EOMOM

DB Shrugs (Odd Minutes) / Band Pull Down and Aparts

  • 40x5x20 EOMOM / 5x20 EOMOM (Even Minutes)


I should not have been skipping conditioning

Cycle HIIT: 10x30s sprint, EMOM


the Christmas holiday flab gains :joy:


The christmas fab gains


Monday 10th of December

No gym today, so I did this thing

God I felt uncoordinated doing kickthroughs


Tuesday 11th of October
Leg Fluff

Last day in New Delhi, hopefully the hotel gym in Jodhpur will be alright

Didn’t have very long as I needed to catch a morning flight, but I think this did the trick

20 Minute EMOM:

Low-Close Stance Leg Press (Odd Minutes) / Seated Leg Curl (Even Minutes):

  • 50x10x10 EOMOM / 45x10x10 EOMOM

Solid, could have been heavier on the leg press


Thought you were gonna do med interviews all around? So you in India?


Med interviews were last week, now I’m in India until the 23rd to see family/attend a wedding


Remember gains come first brah


Curry comes first. I must respect my heritage


Enjoy the break and the Curry.
A bit of workout is better than no workout.


Tuesday 11th of September: PM

At the new hotel gym, which isn’t anywhere near as well equipped as the last one. DB up to 25, a couple of barbells and plates to about 100kg, but no racks and only a single stand-alone bench. There are also leg curl, leg extension, pull-down and shoulder press machines. This is still plenty for me to get some quality work in whilst I’m here.

Barbell Complex: 10 minute EMOM w 50kg

  • 3 RDL’s
  • 3 Power Cleans
  • 3 Front Squat

Probably had another 3-4 rounds in me, but still pleased with this session


Wednesday 12th of September


  • 100 skips
  • Agga’s 8

Push Press (skipping remainder of minute)

  • 40x10x3 EMOM

Damn, respect for @duketheslaya doing this with a 60kg log

High-Incline DB Press (skip remainder of minute)

  • 25x8x8 EMOM

Elbows-Out Extensions:

  • 10x2x20, 5x3x20 EMOM

EMOM Superset: 10 rounds/minutes

  • 30x3 Muscle Snatches / 30x20m Overhead Walk

In other words, CT’s V taper Workout


Adding skipping sounds fun not !

Log is a brutal, brutal implement. I would list it up there as being worse or if not the same as burpees on my level of hatred. I refuse to ever include burpees. I only log because i have to

Looks like quite a solid session there! As usual your conditioning is really good


Dukes a fat cunt though