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Monday 12th of November
WSSB 3: Max-Effort Lower


  • Ankle mobility
  • Limber 11
  • 2x20 TKE’s

Olympic Squat: ss 20 band pull-aparts

  • 20x some
  • 40x2x3
  • 60x3
  • 75x3
  • 85x3
  • 90x3 PR

Not too happy. My last rep went full good-morning. Going to give Oly Squats one more week before cycling them out

DB Reverse Lunges / 3 inch Deficit RDL

  • 25x3x12 / 75x 12, 12, 10

grip held up much better this week

3s Pause Kneeling Ab Wheel / Spiderman Planks / Hollow Rocks / Supermans

  • 3x10 / 3x10 per side / 15, 12, 15 / 3x3x10s

Bar Hangs:

  • 50s / 40s / 30s

Done in 1:15 including warm-up


Good morning kind sir


Tuesday 13th of November
WSSB 3: Rep Upper


  • Limber 11

Incline DB Press / SA Fat-Grip DB Rows

  • 30x21, 17, 19 / 20x3x2+3+5+10

That’s 57 total for Inclines, now I gotta up the weight and aim for 350. Once that’s achieved, I’ll cycle through to a DB Floor Press

Wide-Grip Pull-Ups / Face Pulls / 3s eccentric DB Press

  • bw x4x8 / 40x4x10 / 25x15, 12, 10, 12

Trap-Bar Shrugs / PJR’s / Plate Pinch Carries

  • +65x2x15, +75x15 / 12.5x3x15 / 10kg per hand x2x60m

Really trying to control the eccentric with the PJR’s. They really seem to do an awesome job of burning out my triceps.

Bar Hangs:

  • 30s, 20s, 20s, 23s, 18s, 9s [2 minutes total]


Wednesday 14th of November
WSSB 3: Conditioning

The other day I re-read Jim Wendler’s “Do this, not that”, one of my favourite articles on T-Nation. Like usual, it pumped me up to do some hill sprints. Knowing my luck, today was a bloody steamer. F*ck.


  • Skips: 100 total
  • Bent-Knee Iron Crosses: 10/side
  • Prone Scorpions: 10/side
  • Rollovers into V-Sits: 10
  • Mountain Climbers: 10/side
  • Groiners w Thoracic (Bilateral) Reach: 10

I actually liked this sequence more than the full Limber 11. Next time, I’ll start with the glute SMR, then this, with a Thoracic Twist (contralateral reach) on the Climbers, and then finish with the Psoas stretch as usual.

@duketheslaya @liftangryordie500 you guys might be into this

Hill Sprint: 30m @ 30-40% gradient

  • 15 in a little over 16 minutes

Happy and half-dead


Hell, if I can find a hill, I’ll sprint. Hill sprints are pretty great.



100%. Hill sprints, carries and ergos are the three tools I always find myself coming back to.

PS, you’d love Brisbane, this place is like a less built-up San Diego. Apparently, even our CBD was built in the carcass of a series of hills that had to be detonated a couple hundred years ago.

Note that my camera is pointed horizontally in both of these.

This place is <400m from my apartment, and is one of the lower hills. Hell, the street I live on is on a hill taller and steeper than this, but here there aren’t any cars or pedestrians so this is where I prefer to train.


Your conditioning is pretty good man


Really? Thanks mate!

I feel like I’ve got a ton of room to improve though, I’d like to be able to do this in 12 minutes or less and/or be able to get to 20 sprints total.


Yeah, doing 1 hill sprint a minute is no joke. When i was doing sprints earlier this year i averaged 3-4 minutes of rest.

Always room to improve man! Keep going.


That’s pretty awesome! I live on a godforsaken island forgotten about by the rest of my country.


Thursday: 15th of November
WSSB 3: Dynamic Lower + Conditioning

Graduation dinner is tonight. In 18 hours I’ll have officially finished high school. It’s been a ride

Warm-Up: Agga’s 8

  • 100 skips
  • Glute SMR
  • 10 Bent-Knee Iron Crosses per side
  • 10 Prone Scorpions per side
  • 10 Rollovers into V-Sits
  • 10 Mountain Climbers into Thoracic Twists per side
  • 10 Groiners into Thoracic Extensions
  • Hip Flexor Stretch

Figured I’d name it. I love this sequence, only change I might make is doing the hip flexor stretch right after glute SMR, and potentially adding the cossack squats back in, after rollovers.

38ish inch box jump / skips:

  • 6x2 / 6x40

Felt good as

4 inch deficit BSS / Back Extension to GHR’s

  • bw x3x15 (3s eccentric + pause) / bw x 3x10

Shaky legs and wobbly walks

HLR’s / KB Swings

  • bw x4x10 / 16x4x15

Damn that smoked me

EMOM Carries

Took a page out of Alpha’s book.

10 minute EMOM:

  • A1: DB Farmers’ Walks: 40kg for 25m
  • A2: Plank remainder of minute

This is a hell of a lot harder than it looks on paper, but it felt great.

All up, this entire workout took about an hour, or 50ish minutes after the warm-up. I’m really happy with the pace I held for this, it felt like a super solid conditioning test.


Friday: 16th of November

That’s it. I’ve officially graduated.


  • 100 skips
  • Agga-8

Bench / Seated Row:

  • 20x some / 47.5x12
  • 40x some / 47.5x12
  • 50x 3 / 47.5x12
  • 60x5 / 47.5x12
  • 65x3 / 47.5x12

Attempted 4 but failed

DB Floor Press / Seated Rows:

  • 35x20, 17 / 47.5x2x12

Chest-Supported Rows / Triple Threats

  • 25x3x12 / 3x10

EZ Reverse Curls / Seated DB Shrugs

  • 19.5x3x12 / 40x3x15 (slow tempo)

Bar Hangs:

  • 4x30s


Congratulations young man, now you go celebrate and enjoy that.


Thanks mate! Im off on holiday for a week with my mates now




Monday 19th of November
WSSB 3: Max-Effort Lower

Schoolies workout no. 1

Skipped conditioning and I’m eating a lot of junk. Don’t really mind though because frankly, I think I’ve earned this.


  • Glute SMR
  • Hip flexor stretch
  • Bent-Knee Iron Cross
  • Scorpions

Beltless Deadlift: ss 15 band pull-aparts

  • 60x3
  • 80x5
  • 90x5
  • 100x5
  • 110x4 PR

Not bad, not great. I need to work on maintaining my brace

Barbell Split Squat / Good Mornings

  • 30x3x10 / 40x3x10

My right hip flexor f*cked itself again on the third set. Called it there and decided to skip abs.

That same fucking spot keeps getting really bad, feeling like it’s about to tear. So far I’ve noticed that it’s usually a result of wide-stance single-leg work with barbells, and flat sprinting. From now on, I’m keeping an eye on what works and what doesn’t.

Will do ab circuit some time tonight


Screw ab training lol (even though its important) :joy:



I’ll be honest, I’ve got nothing against abs, I just really wanted a goddamn burrito at that point.


Understandable!! Embrace the inner fatboi.


Indeed you have :slight_smile:
Superset abs with the main lifts.
It’s an easy way to get abs done without waiting to the end, when you tend to skip it anyway.