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J4GGA2's Log: Chasing the 600kg Total

I’d start filming a few of your sets and some warm ups if ur not already. For ur comp lift start getting a set up routine together and do the exact same thing each time. At first it’s gonna be a lot of thinking but with time you’ll automatically execute most of it and only have a few things in ur head. If u wanna tweak it then at least u are controlling the variables so to speak of the rest of your set up.

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Wednesday 7th of October
Upper Body A: Week 1

Lateral Chop:

  • 3 x 5

Band-Deloaded Lateral Bound:

  • 3 x 3

Depth Jump from High Box

  • 3 x 3

DB Bench

  • Up to 27.5’s x 2 x 10

Comp Bench

  • 62.5 x 2 x 5
  • 57.5 x 8

A1: Dips:

  • 8, 8, 10

A2: Chest-Supported T-Bar Row

  • +20 x 10
  • +30 x 10, 9

B1: Seated DB Curl

  • 10’s x 10
  • 12’s x 8
  • 10’s x 10

B2: Rope Pushdown

  • 25 x 2 x 15-20

B2 was supposed to be skullcrushers for 3 x 10 but my triceps tendon did not like it. Followed up the pushdowns with some yielding single-arm isometric skullcrushers to calm the tendon down a bit.

Putting this down to jumping back into low-bar squatting for the first time in like 8-12 months

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Was looking through your log and noticed “Agile 8 2.0”.
Any tips on how to go about it? From what I understand, it includes rolling your feet as well as dead hangs.
Did you notice any benefits - or have you changed your warm-up strategy since then?
(trying to get rid of nagging pain here and there, and warm-up sets don’t seem to cut it, hah…)

I believe it was

  1. Roll your feet
  2. Ankle stretch/mobilisation of choice
  3. Adductor stretch
  4. Glute Stretch
  5. Hip flexor stretch
  6. T-spine
  7. Pecs
  8. Hang

Eh… my range of motion was pretty good. I do very minimal mobility work now because I don’t believe it’s an efficient use of time, but if you wann do it it’s not like it will ruin your gains or anything

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Did train since Wednesday, but can’t be bothered to type it out

Tuesday 13th of October
Lower A: Week 2


  • RPR
  • Lower-body isometrics


  • Wicket runs
  • Squatty runs


  • 3 x 10m
  • 4 x flying 10s

PR’d my flying 10 at 1.29s. Realistically, that’s still like 0.3s above “good.” Lovely.

~~ Lifting time ~~

More isos

Low-Bar Squats:

  • 80 x 3 x 5


High-Bar Squats:
67.5 x 2 x 8


A1: Leg Press

  • 160 x 3 x 10

A2: Roll-Out

  • 3 x 10

A3: Slider Leg Curls

  • 3 x 15

Thanks for clarifying. Just looks like a condensed version of Agile 8, Limber 11, Simple 6. Not that I expected something groundbreaking.

I actually want to spend as little time as possible on this stuff, lol. That’s why I was curious about what you’ve found to give you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of (only a handful of) specific mobility/prep drills to get everything ready.

Well, the first thing is you want to reduce your dependency on prep drills as much as possible. You can do this with the right exercise choices, like:

  • Goblet/zercher squats
  • Chin-ups
  • Dips
  • Split squats with hip shift
  • Landmine press

But, I know that doesn’t answer your prep work question, so here goes:

First thing I do when I walk in is hit my Zone 1 RPR, but most of my clients don’t bother so it’s early optional.

Then, I do my first warm-up set with the bar. Then I do a 1-2 correctives, then I do something explosives and I just keep repeating the process. When the barbell movement feels good, I ditch the corrective. When I’m done with my warm-up sets I ditch the explosive movement.

Common correctives I use are:

  • Camporini deadlift to improve foot pronation and hip internal rotation
  • Goblet squat to improve torso position
  • Supinated active hang to improve shoulder flexion
  • DB bent-over row with an inhale at the top to improve shoulder internal rotation

This way, I can make sure that the correct I choose is helping

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Not bhed


This should be an article…

Thanks for elaborating, man!
Systematic, time efficient, movement specific, and based on 'movement feedback".

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Glad you found it useful! Keep me posted with any other questions you’ve got

Hey man!! I realized I wasn’t able to reply. My bad! Really appreciate this! I’ll see if I can set up some sort of cable thing at home.

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Glad you enjoyed! Good luck

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