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J4GGA2's Log: Chasing the 600kg Total

I have no idea who that is, but I know what lethargy feels like :woman_shrugging:

He a has a masters in broscience majoring in fake natty studies


great work j4g, kinda love the sessions

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Cheers man! I’m really enjoying it. I feel lighter/springier on my feet and each session is pretty fun to do - the exception being the f*cking pause squats

Wednesday 30th of September
Isometric Phase: 1s Week, Day 2


  • 4 x 3 step bursts, segmented push-up start
  • 8 x 10m sprint, hard start

1-5-1-0 Bench Press / Med Ball Starts

  • 32 x 5 / 3 x 2
  • 40 x 3 / 3 x 2
  • 48 x 3 / 3 x 2
  • 60 x 3 / 3 x 2
  • 68 x 1 / 3 x 2
  • 76 x 1 / 3 x 2

Barbell FH Split Squat / Cable Row

  • 30 x 3 x 6 / 14 plates x 12, 12, 16

RE the latest title change. One of my friends/mentors, Brandon Greco (who coaches Luke Poli and 1-2 other big dogs/wild cats competitors) said I can be on his podcasts when I total 600kg / 1320lbs

Because I’m egotistical and want to be on a podcast, I’m from now on being coached by Brandon to get to said 600kg total.

@guineapig happy now?


Have fun

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Come to think of it that’s not even a Class III total.

Time to embrace mediocrity

Lul doesn’t matter dont even know what classes u refer to.

If u were gonna be elite probably would’ve known pretty quick after lifting a bit. That’s not the point though. You’ll learn a lot going from wherever you are now to 600 I know I learnt a lot and it wasn’t too long ago for me. That’s the fun of it because not exactly gonna be winning comps.

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Checked out the guy. Does this mean u get to train at Valhalla?

Yeah I’ve actually trained there a couple times before. Valhalla and Doherty’s are definitely the coolest gyms I’ve been to, although Valhalla’s got a friendlier vibe.

I’ll still be doing most of my training at my current gym, since Valhalla is a bit out of the way, but I’ll probably head up there 1-2 times a month

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YOLO max session for coach on Friday.

Low Bar Squat: 125 RPE 10
Bench: 90 RPE 9
Conventional: 140 RPE 7 fail 160
Sumo: 160 RPE 8 fail 170

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ur a ways off 600kg lel. Where the vids at? How do u fail > weaknesses to address

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Yup :disappointed_relieved:

Coach’s on that, but my impression is that it’s definitely technical for low-bar squat and deadlifts. I figure that since I can high-bar exactly what I can low bar, and RDL what I can conventional. I’m okay with that, since improving technique is easier than building muscle.

For bench, I just reckon I need more muscle

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As long as u pull sumo you’ll be aight.

I dunno how trash ur technique is but going from trash to sexy might get u 5-15%. Be on the lower end if u already got alright tekkers. Is a strength sport at the end of the day and the powerlifts ain’t that technical.

If anything much of the time being stronger and bigger facilitates good technique e.g. strong/tight back makes for stable efficient squatting/benching. Being stronk in the movers means ur body will tend to do funky compensatory shit less.


Never heard it put that way. Muscle group wise I’d say my back is weakest, or at least I lose my back position breaking deads off the floor

Ye goes both ways: if u practice good technique you’ll be efficient and be stronk and if ur stronk u can move efficiently (if ur strength is sufficient and or balanced at least)

Plenty of lifters are strong for some reason or another. Many of these people have good technique (certain aspects at least) for being strong. Sometimes not so much where people have dog shit tekkers but get away with it because strong (sometimes imbalanced strength tho like genetically strong posterior chain they default to that)

Losing back positioning off the floor could be weak back or poor bracing/technique.

For many people including meself it’s compensating for lack of strength. Rounding improves leverage off the floor so if ur body struggles there it’ll shift positions to compensate.

In that case is dem muscles not ur back that’s the issue. It looks like setting up with a flat well braced back etc but upon initiating u lose back position and only then does the bar break the floor.

So getting strong in the movers will push the threshold for back rounding up even to actual max with no breakdown in that way.

U can approach it as technique to be fixed e.g. cueing patience off the floor if u tend to rush things but u can’t really avoid getting stronger like pause deads are meant to teach patience off the floor “technique” but they are accumulating work in the target ROM as well = bigger/stronger.

Go both approaches just to be safe lel


Awesome man, thank you so much for that breakdown. I’m interested to see what programming I’ll be getting, it arrives on Monday

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Tuesday 6th of October
Lower Body A: Week 1

First session of Brandon’s programming

Low-Bar Squat:

  • 72.5 x 3 x 5

High-Bar Squat:

  • 65 x 2 x 8

A1: Leg Press

  • 140 x 10
  • 160 x 2 x 10

A2: Slider Leg Curl w Adductor Squeeze

  • 3 x 12

A3: Kneeling Ab Wheel

  • 3 x 10
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I don’t fully buy into this but kind of along the lines of what you and piggy were talking about