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Monday 12th of November
WSSB 3: Max-Effort Lower


  • Ankle mobility
  • Limber 11
  • 2x20 TKE’s

Olympic Squat: ss 20 band pull-aparts

  • 20x some
  • 40x2x3
  • 60x3
  • 75x3
  • 85x3
  • 90x3 PR

Not too happy. My last rep went full good-morning. Going to give Oly Squats one more week before cycling them out

DB Reverse Lunges / 3 inch Deficit RDL

  • 25x3x12 / 75x 12, 12, 10

grip held up much better this week

3s Pause Kneeling Ab Wheel / Spiderman Planks / Hollow Rocks / Supermans

  • 3x10 / 3x10 per side / 15, 12, 15 / 3x3x10s

Bar Hangs:

  • 50s / 40s / 30s

Done in 1:15 including warm-up


Good morning kind sir


Tuesday 13th of November
WSSB 3: Rep Upper


  • Limber 11

Incline DB Press / SA Fat-Grip DB Rows

  • 30x21, 17, 19 / 20x3x2+3+5+10

That’s 57 total for Inclines, now I gotta up the weight and aim for 350. Once that’s achieved, I’ll cycle through to a DB Floor Press

Wide-Grip Pull-Ups / Face Pulls / 3s eccentric DB Press

  • bw x4x8 / 40x4x10 / 25x15, 12, 10, 12

Trap-Bar Shrugs / PJR’s / Plate Pinch Carries

  • +65x2x15, +75x15 / 12.5x3x15 / 10kg per hand x2x60m

Really trying to control the eccentric with the PJR’s. They really seem to do an awesome job of burning out my triceps.

Bar Hangs:

  • 30s, 20s, 20s, 23s, 18s, 9s [2 minutes total]


Wednesday 14th of November
WSSB 3: Conditioning

The other day I re-read Jim Wendler’s “Do this, not that”, one of my favourite articles on T-Nation. Like usual, it pumped me up to do some hill sprints. Knowing my luck, today was a bloody steamer. F*ck.


  • Skips: 100 total
  • Bent-Knee Iron Crosses: 10/side
  • Prone Scorpions: 10/side
  • Rollovers into V-Sits: 10
  • Mountain Climbers: 10/side
  • Groiners w Thoracic (Bilateral) Reach: 10

I actually liked this sequence more than the full Limber 11. Next time, I’ll start with the glute SMR, then this, with a Thoracic Twist (contralateral reach) on the Climbers, and then finish with the Psoas stretch as usual.

@duketheslaya @liftangryordie500 you guys might be into this

Hill Sprint: 30m @ 30-40% gradient

  • 15 in a little over 16 minutes

Happy and half-dead


Hell, if I can find a hill, I’ll sprint. Hill sprints are pretty great.



100%. Hill sprints, carries and ergos are the three tools I always find myself coming back to.

PS, you’d love Brisbane, this place is like a less built-up San Diego. Apparently, even our CBD was built in the carcass of a series of hills that had to be detonated a couple hundred years ago.

Note that my camera is pointed horizontally in both of these.

This place is <400m from my apartment, and is one of the lower hills. Hell, the street I live on is on a hill taller and steeper than this, but here there aren’t any cars or pedestrians so this is where I prefer to train.


Your conditioning is pretty good man


Really? Thanks mate!

I feel like I’ve got a ton of room to improve though, I’d like to be able to do this in 12 minutes or less and/or be able to get to 20 sprints total.


Yeah, doing 1 hill sprint a minute is no joke. When i was doing sprints earlier this year i averaged 3-4 minutes of rest.

Always room to improve man! Keep going.


That’s pretty awesome! I live on a godforsaken island forgotten about by the rest of my country.


Thursday: 15th of November
WSSB 3: Dynamic Lower + Conditioning

Graduation dinner is tonight. In 18 hours I’ll have officially finished high school. It’s been a ride

Warm-Up: Agga’s 8

  • 100 skips
  • Glute SMR
  • 10 Bent-Knee Iron Crosses per side
  • 10 Prone Scorpions per side
  • 10 Rollovers into V-Sits
  • 10 Mountain Climbers into Thoracic Twists per side
  • 10 Groiners into Thoracic Extensions
  • Hip Flexor Stretch

Figured I’d name it. I love this sequence, only change I might make is doing the hip flexor stretch right after glute SMR, and potentially adding the cossack squats back in, after rollovers.

38ish inch box jump / skips:

  • 6x2 / 6x40

Felt good as

4 inch deficit BSS / Back Extension to GHR’s

  • bw x3x15 (3s eccentric + pause) / bw x 3x10

Shaky legs and wobbly walks

HLR’s / KB Swings

  • bw x4x10 / 16x4x15

Damn that smoked me

EMOM Carries

Took a page out of Alpha’s book.

10 minute EMOM:

  • A1: DB Farmers’ Walks: 40kg for 25m
  • A2: Plank remainder of minute

This is a hell of a lot harder than it looks on paper, but it felt great.

All up, this entire workout took about an hour, or 50ish minutes after the warm-up. I’m really happy with the pace I held for this, it felt like a super solid conditioning test.