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Terms going good, sad to see alot of mates having to repeat yr 11 because they fucked up by being dicks at school. Im on track to pass which is good


Now I’m going to argue a bit with @MarkKO and the Prilepin chart.
I might fail miserably because, well Mark is very clever.

Prilipin is a Soviet weightlifting coach and the chart is based upon weightlifting and the pure power aspect of the snatch and the clean and jerk.
I think most programs for both powerlifting and especially hypertrophy based programs tend to have more volume.
Weightlifting does a lot of submaximal lifting perfecting technique.

One thing to take away from the chart though, is the higher the intensity the lower the volume must be.

I found this old article from TN you could read through:

And I would google a bit more on the chart, I’ll bet there is some more information regarding programming.

Well I meant to use it on assistance, I wrote supplemental but meant assistance.
Supplemental I would do for a bit higher reps than the main lift.
Adress it as Mark is advising.


That was my impression too. I will say, however, that volume could pretty easily be driven by assistance. 5’s PRO + 5x5 FSL isn’t exactly high intensity or high volume, but lots of people make gains from it. I’m guessing it’s by pushing the assistance work (150-300 reps total, as advised by Jim)


5’s pro + 5x5 FSL builds your technique and have some volume 40 reps is some volume.
Then the assistance takes care of the volume and hypertrophy.
Then comes the leader cycle where you’re reaping all the volume and technique work.
I really like Jims work there’s something for everybody.


@mortdk @MarkKO

So here’s something i came up with trying to apply prilepin’s chart. The assistance circuits are usually for 3-4 round of 8-15 reps per exercise. The supplemental lifts mentioned are just examples.

Also, I just want to explain that this isn’t a powerlifting program, nor is it really meant for just strength in general (like Texas Method). I’m trying to program for a little bit of strength and size, and doing a decent amount of BB type assistance (eg lateral raises, biceps, upper chest)

How does it look?

Oh one other thing, my “main lifts” are really:

  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Bench
  • Barbell Row
  • Weighted Pull-Ups

Day 1:

Squat: 3x3, AMRAP @ 70% / 75% / 80%
Ab Wheels

Deficit RDL: 2x4, AMRAP @ 55% / 60% / 65% DL

Goblet Squats
Suitcase Carries

Day 2:

Rows: 6x3, AMRAP @ 70% / 75% / 80%
Bench: 6x3, AMRAP @ 70% / 75% / 80%

NG Chins: 4x8
Z-Press: 2x6, AMRAP @ 55% / 60% / 65% Press

Rear Delt
DB Bench
SA DB Rows

Some bodyweight push
Something triceps

Day 3:

Deadlifts: 2x3, AMRAP @ 70% / 75% / 80%

Front Squats: 2x5, AMRAP @ 55% / 60% / 65% Squat
Ab Wheels

Landmine Reverse Lunges
Back Extensions
Suitcase Carries

Day 4:

Weighted Pull-Ups: 6x3, AMRAP @ 70% / 75% / 80%
Press: 6x3, AMRAP @ 70% / 75% / 80%

Seal Rows: 4x8
Incline BP: 2x6, AMRAP @ 55% / 60% / 65% BP

Rear Delt
SA DB Press
Supinated Lat Pull-Down

Rear Delt
Lateral Delt
Front Delt


Happy to help mate.

Bingo. Keep in mind the adaptation part with those too. Change sets, reps and load regularly while cycling through exercises. That way you can keep the same assistance work without really adapting.

More bingo.

If you use the same load as main lifts, way more taxing. Not too much at all if you drop the load accordingly.

Like I said, change your weight, sets and reps around on assistance. That lets you use relatively few exercises.

Good question and I’ll address what @mortdk said about the chart too. Prilepin’s chart is a good guide for main lift and supplementals. Powerlifters know it works because we’ve been using it successfully for a while now in this manner. It works fine with 95%, as with 90%, especially when you add the bulk of your volume from assistance.


That looks fine to me.
But why ditch the amrap sets?
You could lower the weight on the last set of the main lifts and go nuts on them (I’m a Wendler fan boy).

If you assistance circuits gets boring you could try some 350 sets as made by Paul Carter, they build muscle mass really well.

@MarkKO gonna pick a bit on your brain again, Mike Tuscherer says somewhere that prilepins chart is NOT made for powerlifters… I haven’t used the chart my self, yes I’ve heard about it and seen it before. But not used it.
So you’re planning a squat day like:
Back squat 4x4 with 80% that’s 16 total reps
then maybe paused squats 4 sets of 6 reps with 60%
and then assistance?
next week back squat 8 doubles with 85&
and you could keep the paused squats the same
I’m going to have a look at that at some point when I have some time.


I mean I could always use them on the last set main and supplemental lifts.

Hell, that actually sounds useful


I would lower the weight on the last set and get a lot of reps in.
BUT listen to Mark as well. He is wiser than me.
I like that chart a lot, the more I look at it.
I might even go back here sometime and have a look at your setup.


I should have been clearer in relation to the AMRAP sets: don’t ditch them, just set the preceding sets and reps in a manner than accounts for them. That’s what Greg does. So, for example, instead of 4x5x70% and AMRAPx70%, think about getting around 24 total reps at most, at least 18 and working with the 3 reps/6 sets recommendation. That would end up with maybe 4x3, then the AMRAP.

Mike T is right, of course. Prilepin’s chart wasn’t made for powerlifting. That doesn’t mean it can’t be used for PL training though, and it has been successfully for some time. Much of the Westside method in terms of how they set the volume for their ME and DE lifts is based on Prilepin’s chart, for example. Cube kind of follows it, as does Greg’s system. Paul Carter mentions it specifically in Base Building. I’m sure there are others that do too.

As to your suggestion for the squat day. Yes, absolutely. You get it.


Friday 12th of October
Deadlifts: 1’s Wave, Week 2

Energy? What’s that?


  • Agile 8
  • Ankles
  • TKEs
  • 2x3 Broad Jumps

Deadlifts: ss 8 Toes-to-Bars

  • 60x5
  • 70x3
  • 77.5x5 belt on
  • 90x4
  • 105x3
  • 120x2
  • 132.5x0
  • 117.5x1

Everything was slow and hard as hell

Front Squats: ss 15 kneeling ab wheels

  • 42.5x6
  • 55x6
  • 70x2 belt

I was gonna go for six but bitched out. Way too tired

Did a bunch of unloaded landmine reverse lunges and went home


Saturday 13th of October
Press: 1’s Wave, Week 2


  • Simple 6

Pull-Ups / Press:

  • +0x5 / 20x5
  • +2.5x5 / 27.5x5
  • +7.5x4 / 32.5x4
  • +12.5x3 / 37.5x3
  • +17.5x2 / 42.5x2
  • +22.5x1 PR / 47.5x1

Press was an absolute grind and half

SA DB Rows / Incline Press:

  • 27.5x10 / 30x6
  • 27.5x10 / 40x6
  • 27.5x12 / 50x8

Circuit A:
High Pulley Face Pulls / SA DB Press / RGLPD’s

  • 40x3x15 / 10x3x10 / 4.5 plates 10, 10, 13+4 RP

Circuit B:
Band Face Pull-Aparts / SA Incline Laterals / Full Plate Raises / Steering Wheels

  • 3x12 / 2x3x15 / 5x3x15 / 5x3x10

The incline laterals were absolutely humbling, but now I finally know what a middle delt contraction/pump feels like.

Solid session


Sunday 14th of October
Conditioning: Rowing Ergometer

Raining today so another indoor session:

30x100m @ lv 5 resistance, EMOM.

Fuck I nearly died, but I fucking won. This is like 20-rep squats in that there’s always another set in you, so you just keep going. I can truthfully say this is one of the most horrible conditioning sessions I have ever done.

@duketheslaya @strongmanbrett @liftangryordie500

Don’t bitch out this time fellas


Only time I’ll have access to a rower is on Wednesday… my deadlift day, fuck, sounds like a date.



Yeah nah I don’t see that working tbh. The hardest part about this is how fatigued your low back gets. Ideally your low back wouldn’t round, but it doesn’t always work out that way :joy:. Power to you though


Uh oh, i think my legs just suddenly broke. :joy:


And what is your heaviest 20-rep Squat Set? Also, were you hanging over the garbage pail when you were finished?


Havent done them for ages but i think it was 85x23


190 x 21 murdered me.


190lbs = 85kg.

That shit sucks

EDIT: My weights are always kg coz fuck the imperial system