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Saturday 15th of September
Press: 3’s Wave, Week 2


  • Hip and Chest Dynamic Warm-Ups

Pull-Ups / Press

  • +0x3 / 20x3
  • +5x3 / 27.5x3
  • +7.5x3 / 32.5x3
  • +10x3 / 35x5
  • +12.5x3 / 40x3
  • +15x3 PR / 45x3

Happy with the pull-ups, but had to grind through the last rep of the press. Will go for the same weight next week but brace harder

Kroc Rows / CG Bench

  • 20x10 / 32.5x8
  • 25x10 / 45x8
  • 35x20 / 55x12 CG PR

I need to lighten up with the Kroc Rows. That set was downright stupid; I’m surprised I didn’t fuck my rotator cuff.

Circuit A:
Face Pulls / Standing SA DB Press / Chins

  • 32.5x3x15 / 12.5x3x5+5 / 3x5

Circuit B:
Leaning Side Lateral / Pull-Aparts / Hammer Curls

  • 6x3x15 / 3x15 / 20x3x10


Sunday 16th of September

4x400m, just over 20 minutes

Actually felt great. Definitely feel like I’m nailing that ‘lazy sprinter’ thing Jim describes

Monday 17th of September
Squats: 3’s Wave, Week 3

Felt stiff as hell walking into the gym, also think I’ve messed up/pulled/tweaked my left hip flexor. Beauty


  • Bar Hangs, elevated pigeon stretch
  • 2x20 TKE’s
  • ankle mobility
  • Hip dynamic warm-up

Squats: ss with 5 standing ab wheels

  • 20x15
  • 40x5
  • 60x3
  • 70x3
  • 80x3
  • 90x3 belt on
  • 100x3 PR

Felt like my face was gonna pop off

Deficit RDL’s: ss with 5x5s half kneeling pallof presses

  • 47.5x8
  • 65x8
  • 80x15 PR

I have no idea why this lift is progressing so fast

Goblet Squat / GHR’s w crucifix stretch / Farmers’ Carry

  • 40x3x15 / 3x12 / 70x40m, 25m, 40m

Goblet squats felt easier, but in all honesty that’s probably because I was divebombing them

Finished with groin, hamstring, glute and hip flexor stretching. I swear no matter what I do I can’t get my hip flexors to loosen up. Any suggestions? @duketheslaya @caesium32 @strongmanbrett


Hip flexor stretch: i swear by these…

Band squat holds:
Next time your in the gym loop the band just above your knees and do a squat. Hold it in the bottom squat position for 30 seconds making sure your keeping your knees out and a good squat position. Repeat a few times or until hips feel better. Really opens the hips up

Try the band thingy during your warmup and cool down


Did you warmup properly with the running? When i was doing sprints earlier in the year if i didnt warm up properly something would start bugging me.


Yeah I usually do the same thing for my sprint workouts:

  • 20m high knees, 20m run a few times
  • 50m karaoke a few times
  • 50m runs building intensity

Might throw is some pigeon stretches

For some reasons Wednesday’s conditioning workout felt like trash, despite doing the same thing




My hips are pretty tight really but basically the only stretches I do when I rarely do them are:

  • The one Duke said
  • Lie on my back with one leg bent so my foot is flat on the bed then put the side of my other leg against my thigh and push my knee, so I’m externally rotating my hip of side not on the bed. Does that make sense?
  • Lie on my back and without rotating my body and with knees bent at 90 degrees and together, twist my legs to the side so the side of my leg touches the bed. This is probably more glutes and lower back but it’s my favourite.

What I will say though is why are you trying to stretch it? I used to always and never really felt any better for it now I don’t and I feel the exact same if not better. In your case it sounds like you’ve just tweaked something so I would just rest. But you seem very knowledgeable and I’m very lazy so maybe ignore me.


@caesium32 @duketheslaya

Cheers for the prompt responses guys!

Probably a miscommunication on my behalf, but it’s only really my hip flexors (like upper quads) that are tight. For some reason I can do a full pigeon stretch and almost do the splits, so my groin and glutes are okay.

I’ve tried that classic hip flexor stretch, as well as doing it with a deeper bend in my knee but I never really feel I get a deep enough stretch, which is annoying because that seems to be the ‘best stretch available’

Last night I went at it with a rolling pin, which actually seemed to help, so maybe my issue is trigger points rather than tightness


This sounds interesting, is it the drill people do to ‘turn on’ their glute mediuses?

i.e. mini band around both knees

Or is it the Spanish squat I’ve seen on a couple of physiotherapy blogs?

i.e. one band looped behind each knee, pulling them out towards a rack


That one. I donno just really opens and stretching everything out


Cheers, I might give it a go with my warm-ups


Tuesday 18th of September
Bench: 3’s Wave, Week 3


  • Hip and Chest Dynamic Warm-Up

Rows / Bench

  • 20x15
  • 30x10
  • 42.5x3
  • 50x3
  • 55x3
  • 62.5x3
  • 70x3 Bench PR

NG Chins / Z-Press:

  • 6 / 20x8
  • 6 / 27.5x8
  • 11 / 35x8

Need to go lighter on Z-Press

Circuit A:
Triple Threats / Incline DB Press / Seal Rows

  • 3x5 / 35x10, 8, 10 / 35x13, 12, 12+8+4 Rest-Pause

Circuit B:
Fat Gripz SA Preacher Curl / CG Push-Ups / Band French Press

  • 8x3x12 / 3x8 / 3x8-10





Friday 21st of September
Deadlifts: 3’s Wave, Week 3

Just wanna say, this session kicked some ass


  • Ankle Mobility
  • 2x20 TKE’s
  • Hip Dynamic Warm-Up

Deadlifts: ss 10s/side SA RKC Plank

  • 60x lots
  • 72.5x3
  • 85x3
  • 95x3
  • 107.5x3 belt on
  • 120x3

120 moved so much better than when I went for it a month ago. Very promising.

Front Squats: ss with 10+10+10s RKC Planks

  • 37.5x8
  • 50x8 harder than I would’ve liked, made me worried
  • 62.5x10 belt on PR

The last set was really easy. I think I had a huge mental block trying for 60x10, because finally getting that set, and hitting this set, was easier than expected.

I wonder if this is the problem I’m having with my Z-Press

BSS / Back Extensions / Farmer’s Carry

  • 17.5x3x8 slow tempo / 3x10 / 80x2x15, 70x25

Stretched lots

All up 1:15


Damn💪 Race to three plate fs?


Sure why not :joy:. Adding two plates shouldn’t be that hard… right?


It’s just balls, luck and willpower mate




fuck I twisted mine


Easyy :joy:


@strongmanbrett how are you so wide???