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Glad ur alright man


Blueballs from hell doesn’t sound pleasant! Recover well mate.


Cheers guys @duketheslaya @Irishman92

At one point it felt like being kicked in the balls. Would not reccomend, unless you’re into that kind of stuff mate :joy:


@MarkKO @khangles @T3hPwnisher

Hope you guys don’t mind the tag

So I’ve got four weeks with minimal loading of the core following a fairly simple surgery affecting abdominals. Following this, I’m planning on adding two weeks to build up some volume on my abs and lower back.

My plan is to do the low intensity, medium volume deload from 531/JM in the first week and then the high intensity/7th week deload from forever to test where my strength is at. From there I’ll adjust TMs as needed and restart this wave of Juggernaut.

Does that sound reasonably intelligent, guys?


Reasonably intelligent post surgical training isn’t something I can speak to, as I always do things stupidly. Haven’t tried any of those approaches specifically to be able to vouch for them. Sorry to not have much help here.


All good, thanks for replying!


I have no experience coming off surgery so I’m hesitant to really say yes or no. It sounds sensible enough, so I guess as long as you’re careful it should be OK.


Fair enough, I’m mostly just checking if what I proposed is a good way to re-introduce volume and barbell lifts.


It’s as good as any in that case I suppose.


Double check with your surgeon or whichever health professional is your point of contact lest your guts explode out lel.


Probably wouldn’t be an ideal result


So yeah today’s training was pretty awful. Most of it was spent figuring out what I can/can’t do and weights. Not too fussed recording it since it was just a feeler session.


Probably should update my log. Ugh.

I’m starting to figure out a good set-up, as well as movements that work well. So far I’ve hit some rep pr’s on dumbbell presses, and I’m running out of bands to do TKEs with, so I guess things are going alright.

PS: the boys are fine



Recovery is going well, but I’m time poor as f*ck putting in 3-4 hours of UMAT prep a day, on top of school. Going to switch the JM plan to two days a week, with some loaded conditioning to try and keep the muscle on. Plan’s going to look like:


  • Squat, JM
  • Bench, 531 (min reps)
  • 8x8 Incline DB Press
  • 8x8 Incline Rows
  • 8x8 Goblet Squats
  • Abs Circuit (3 sets, 3 exercises)


  • 10-15 minutes Alactic Capacity (EMOMs, Heavy Carries, 5-10 sec treadmill sprints)
  • 15-20 minutes Lactic Capacity (bike, complex, rower, long carries)


  • Press, JM
  • Deadlift, 531 (min reps)
  • 8x8 Dips (6x6 if required)
  • 8x8 Chins (6x6 if required)
  • 8x8 GHR’s
  • Abs circuit (3 sets, 3 exercises


  • Long walk or medium jog

Week after it’s JM for bench press and DL, and 531 for the squat and press.

Another 80 days of UMAT, from there roughly 2 months to QCS. After that I should be able to relax a bit since my externals will be out of the way.

Wow do I love Grade 12


Well at least recovery is going good. Fuck 4 hours of study!


I second this

And triple this

this. :joy:

Just kidding mate, how are things going for you?I


Im lucky. I only have to study for 1 hour lol!

Pretty decent apart from failing my learners test. I got 21/30 and i should have gotten them months ago😂

I’ll get it next time though :scream:


How bro???


I mainly got caught up on the who gives way at the intersection questions.

Some were stupid though, like the ones where it asked if car A can overtake on a corner.

Car A was on the corner about to turn, car B was a bit further ahead on the road car A was about to turn onto. The question asked “Can Car A overtake Car B.”

I picked no because it’s common sense not to try overtake while you’re turning around the corner. The answer was yes because there were broken lines and it is legal to overtake on broken lines.

At least i know for next time though. I’m confident i’ll pass my next test attempt.


Fair enough, good luck mate