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J. Lo's New Video

If that’s not enough to convince those on the fence to be heterosexual, I don’t know what is. TC must include this as the 43rd thing for T-Men to be excited about (Atomic Dog 243 for the confused).

What do you mean?
She is showing a complete lack of fashion sense and manages to make “FAME” style dancing and seem even more ridiculous than ever… Not her finest hour…

yeah, i wasnt feelin it as well. shes the definition of a hot girl who just isnt “sexy”. i put her in the same category as mariah carey. theyre both just way too blatant with the way they flaunt their bodies unnecessarily. its like their whole world crumbles if someone isnt looking at them…

I don’t like her music. I like her tits, ass, and thighs. In that video, I think her body looks amazing.

I agree.

  I couldnt give a rat's ass about J. Lo's life, music, videos, or movies.

  But by God, that is the sweetest tightest ass on Earth. 

I liked it.

BTW what heterosexual guy talks about dance style and fashion!?!?!?! Apparently a:xus isn’t even close to the fence! LOL

Yup JLO’s ass is the gay test if you don’t like it your a certified homo. Tee hee hee. Not that I have anything against the gays. :wink: