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J.K. Simmons as Comissioner Gordon in JL(+Strange Pic)

Am i the only one who thinks that something is off in this picture?

JK Simmons

Looks like an old Gandolf looking bro, using a Arnold ArmBlaster.

What’s the problem?

well. I’ll be damned…


What if Verne Schilinger had looked like that when he branded the Swastika in Tobias Beecher’s backside?

Simmons would have been much more believable and scary.

His whole career might have been different. He would have gotten way more work.

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Gotta keep the prags in check

Not too shabby for 61!



He’s rocking the old school arm blaster and everything!!!

yeah dude looks great. I don’t remember him being particularly built in films when he was younger, but maybe he was.

I went back and checked it out. Dude actually had some size, especially for an actor, and especially for '98. He was no where near as lean, and he didn’t have that fearsome beard. But I wasn’t as diesel in '98 as I am now, and my beard sucked back then too, so its cool.


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