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Ivory Coast Massacre



This is fucked up. Apparently 800 killed within days.


Yea I read part of that this morning, the massacre happened even with UN peacekeepers there, terrible.


Ridiculous when you think that William and Kate's royal wedding gets almost as much coverage (if not more) over the next few weeks.


I'll bet their wedding does, which is just mind blowing. Has there been any word on if the president is going to step down in the Ivory Coast?



It's not news because......its Africa. News would be, "There were no mass killings in Africa today."


So... what's next? Deploying military from the USA, France, GB, Spain, etc to force that President to step down and save the innocent civilians?

Umm... no... sorry, actually, there's no oil in Ivory Coast...


Fixed for you.

Lybia, which is an African country, has been one of the most talked about subjects in the news lately...


Two things......

1) The current "concern" with Libya is because it's part of an emerging pattern we are seeing with Iran spreading it's influence across MENA. If you're buying into the "democracy" shit the mass media is shoveling, you are dead wrong.

2)The Ivory Coast has a SHITLOAD of recently discovered oil off it's coast. It's damn near gone to war with Ghana over their maritime claims. The violence we are seeing is directly related to the sanctions put on them (AKA: Their OIL) due to outsiders not being happy with their current leadership.

If you're asserting no one in the West cares about Sub-Saharan Africa because they are black, then maybe you can explain why the West, conspiratorially destroyed the only two successful nations on the continent? Rhodesia and the RSA.


I'll admit, I know very little about the conflicts in the region, but without it being put on the editorial agenda many people around the world will go through life without any inkling of what's happening around the world.


If you're interested in a more fleshed out, "bigger picture" view of the world media-wise, check out the BBC. They are just as full of shit and propaganda as the rest, but it's a starting point for you to hear about events, then start your own research.


I don't watch BBC, Sky News or most of all the Western media propaganda bullshit as I don't buy into it. I do my own research. What is sad is the majority of people still believe what they see on TV. They've forgotten Tony Blair and his '45 mins' lie.

To come back to IC, violence has been going on for months now, hell, wasn't even in the news until this week and what has the so caring western military done about it? Their 'reason' with Lybia was to stop Gaddafi killing his own people. So sweet, so lovely. The Same has happened in IC, yeah, there're sanctions, just like Lybia, but hell, I didn't hear of a quick decision to use military action. Perhaps had they acted as early and quickly as they did with Lybia, fewer people would have been killed.

Double standards. In Congo/Zaire, violence is still going on everyday, women are being raped and butchered. UN is doing diddly squat, I don't see a quick military intervention.

Nearly 2 decades ago, there was a genocide in Rwanda I didn't hear of a quick intervention. How many dead people did it take for the west to act? Around 800000? And France even armed one of the tribes during the massacre. Some of them fuckers are still hiding in Congo, raping, maiming and killing innocent villagers...

So I stand by my point. Britain, France, have their own agenda with Gaddafi. It's all about business, vendetta, etc... who knows? Fine. However if they want to play world's police and bring 'peace' or 'democracy' in one warring, troubled African country, do the same with the others.


Two decades ago Europe was dealing with the Yugoslav Wars. Why the hell would they intervene in a fight on the other side of town, when there was one in their own backyard?


Yougoslavian/Kosovo War, mid-late 90s, Rwandan genocide early-mid 90s...

You prove my point...


Your knowledge of the Yugoslav Wars is as deep as your knowledge on the mineral wealth of the Ivory Coast.

Yugoslav Wars (1991-1995)

Rwandan Genocide (1994)

Kosovo War 1998-1999

And while I'm giving you a history lesson, the US was also in Haiti in 1994.


Yeap, good on you for doing your homework, sir. You know your history so well, I salute you.

I may have confused the dates with Kosovo and Yousgoslavia wars, but I still stand by my point. And please, I'm aware of west/southern Africa vast mineral and oil resources. My first post was being sacarstic. They may have all these resources but it doesn't matter. Let them kill themselves, they are salvages and maybe later we can try to fix the situation...

And by saying, why the hell Europeans should have intervened in Africa as they were dealing with trouble in their own backward, actually contradicts what you said in one of your posts regarding the west not caring about black Africa.

Yeah, Europeans were dealing with their own shit, the USA were in Haiti...but funny how right now, GB and until recently USA, got soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet, they still find enough military resources to deploy to Lybia. That couldn't have been done back in the 90s, eh? Is that what you're trying to tell me?

People were being killed in Rwanda, France, GB and the rest were aware of the shit going on, but did nothing to fix it. Wanna be police of the world, then police everywhere. Don't pick one country to attack, 'protect' invade, do the same with others.


It isn't contradictory to state that the West does care about African blacks, but not at their own expense. Which is why no one gave a shit about Rwanda when Southern Europe was burning.




Exactly. Look at David Cameron from the UK being chummy with Mubarak and bringing with him 8 arms dealers to sign contracts with Egypt. Fucking disgusting.

Look at Darfur. Did we go there? NO.

And the whole "We have our own problems to deal with!" is a ridiculous argument. We'll ALWAYS have "our own problems" to deal with. If it's not problem A, it's problem B.

Unfortuntately, Africa is the doomed continent. Always was, always will be.


The UK arms industry is one of the few manufacturing businesses that remains and/or doesn't require massive government subsidies. Cameron was just encouraging that entrepreneurial spirit that's all

(N.B for anyone who thinks I'm being serious, I'm being sarcastic)

Anyway both sides have been accused of atrocities. Plus ca change


What right does anyone have to butt into the affairs of other nations?