Ive stunted my growth...

Hi everyone,

Im 17, and im 5?7??, my dad is 6?2??, my mom is taller than me, and my younger bro is much taller than me.
As some of you know, I was a fat guy a year ago. I dieted and did cardio like crazy and I lost 36 pounds.
During the past year, i havent grown a single cm, not even 1!!!
Now that im on my first bulking phase ever consuming 300 kcals above maintenance to pack on some quality mass, Ive learned that in order for your muscles to grow, you need a calorie surplus. This should be the same for growing in HEIGHT.

Maybe because i was in a calorie DEFICIT for so long i have stunted my growth :(.

What do you guys think? Is this possible?

Do u think it stunted my growth forever?

If your answer is no, do you think ill catch up in height what i was supposed to grow during this year AND what im supposed to grow in the future?



be nice to your younger brother from now on


Go see the doctor and get x ray. The doc should be able to tell if you have some growing to do just by looking at the x ray of your ends of the long bones. If you don’t, tough luck, i guess. I’m the one with 100% hearing loss. Get over it.

If your bones haven’t fused yet, you’ll need a bone scan done to find out, I’d go for the growth hormones you can get from your doctor. I wish my parents would’ve given me the option instead of deciding for me (I’m 5’5 and my bones are fused so I can’t grow anymore).

You would have had to have been severely malnourished during puberty to cause “stunted” growth.

You may grow more…or not. My best friend in high school was 5’9" his senior year and is 6’2" now (27 yrs. old). I stopped growing by the time I was 17 (5’8").

Genetics usually play a role but not always. There is a father and son that work with me. The father is 5’7"-180#, his wife is 5’5" and the son (25 Yrs. old) is 6’6"-275#…no joke. The dad said his son was his height during his sophmore year of high school and just grew like crazy until his early 20’s.

My point is: 5’7" is an average height. You can’t “make” yourself any taller by eating more. Concentrate on what you can change…muscle mass.

If you really pay attention when you are in public places you will notice that there are just as many men that are your height or shorter as there are that are taller.

Sorry about the long post, but I had a major height insecurity when I was a teen, too.

You really aren’t a short kid…< 5’4" would be short.


congratulations on the weight loss and dieting. your hard work and accomplishments shouldn’t go unnoticed because of your height.

do i think you’ve stopped growing? not at all. you’re only 17. i have many friends who were late bloomers and didn’t really hit any growth spurts until they were about finished high school. you’ve still got a good 4 years left to grow before your hormones eventually calm down and secondary hormonal changes (especially bone length) are set. however, if there’s anything i would suggest you do about this, here are my ideas:

  1. don’t restrict calories, but make sure you’re putting them to good use. in the same token, don’t eat junk.

  2. i would opt for a high fat diet - those individuals with higher saturated fats in their diet have higher hormonal levels (hormones are essentially fatty molecules). just don’t get plump doing so - keep active and fit.

  3. don’t slouch (it may seem trivial, but it makes a difference).

  4. take multis and any other vitamin/mineral supps you think you may need for natural growth (vit C and calcium for instance).

  5. DO NOT TAKE ANY STEROIDS. your body is already trying to deal with wild hormonal patterns. don’t mess around with it.

  6. don’t concern yourself so much with your height. build a better body and your height won’t make much of a difference in the end.

good luck.

Once you complete puberity and your plates seal, you stop growing. If you’re 17 you probably won’t grow anymore. I’m 19 and I have been the same height since I was 15. Its not that you stunted your growth, You’re probably just done growing.

I also wondered this about myself. I ate very little during the ages of 14-17 when I was overweight. I tried to lose the weight but I did it the wrong way. I would only eat about 2 meals a day and it was probably under 1000 calories. At the time, I didn’t know any better.

My dad is 6’, my mom 5’4, and my brother is 5’11. I actually have more traits(darker hair,facial features) from my dad then my brother.

By the way, I’m 5’7 and 25. My height doesn’t bother me but it would be nice to know if I would have grown more if I ate right.

I seriously doubt you stunted your growth.

You could go to the doctor and get x-rays and all that, but come on dude, you’re 17, you should be out doing better things than worrying about being short…

Which you’re NOT. 5’7"May not be tall, but it’s not short either. You’re just slightly on the low side of average. Nothing wrong with that; that’s the way my penis is. HAHA

You should be out chasing girls and pissing off old people.

As all the others have basically said, unless you were very malnourished, it wouldn’t have made a huge difference i’d think. And for anyone saying that he’s done growing, you really have no idea if he has stopped or not. Just because you didn’t grow after 17 doesn’t mean he won’t, i’m 19 and 6’1" and the last inch has come in the past year, i grew alot around grade 10 or so, and in the past few years, it’s slowed down a lot but still goin.
Basically all i’m tryin to say is everyone’s obviously different, go see a doc if you’re really worried about it, but even if you are done, 5’7" ain’t that bad.

who cares. you can change it so dont worry

“worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair, it give you something to do but gets you nowhere.”

i’ve grown half an inch in the last year and i’m almost 20. i’m also 5 inches taller than anyone in my family, including cousins and whatnot.

growing occurs in spurts (hence the name) for most people, i was 6’ by 8th grade, didn’t grow at all from ages 15-17, then shot up a couple more inches in recent years, so just hope for the best.

i guess you could try to talk to your doctor about hGH (read up on it first) but i doubt theyd be willing to prescribe it. goodluck

A guy in highschool was 5’7" till the end of it, he didn’t break his voice till a year or so into college, and then sprouted to 6’6" !

talk about late bloomer! His dad was 6’4" so he had it in him.

Then he shaved his head and plays BBall now :slight_smile:

Could it be too much soy??? LOL. If you haven’t read the poison protein article from last week or the week before, read it. Very interesting… It still cracks me up when i think about those boys consuming too much soy and they don’t become “men”.

how tall is the mail man?

It’s not something that stress me out believe me. It’s just something I wondered about along with Rollus. I’m pretty sure nutrition plays a big role in growth during puberty.

P-dog, come to think of it. My mailman is pretty short.lol!

I didn’t completely stop growing until I was 20 or so.

Rol—There is something I have to tell you…Well I , yes I am your father…It was a brief affair and…well…LOL (Just Kidding)

Its O.K. man I have the same issue…But Ive been told its normal…I am one of the shortest people in my family…But look at it in a good way…When your family pisses you off you can always disown them and tell them you know they found you are you were switched at birth!!!

Stunted your growth? How? Are you an elite powerlifter on copious amounts of steroids?
A mate at school was 5’9" when 16. I saw him 3 years later and he was 6’5"!!
I was always a bit suspicious because both his parents were doctors and I thought that they’d given him growth hormone, but I was just being overly cynical. Don’t sweat it you probably haven’t finished growing yet.


This is getting pretty funny.
When we want to gain LBM we MUST take in more calories than we expend in order to GROW our muscles, therefore we will gain weight right? if we get taller, that means some nutrients just sticked with us instead of being burned for energy, which happens to evrything that comes into our mouth when we are creating a calorie deficit.
Maybe i stunted my growth during the months i was in a chronic calorie deficit, but i believe my body will resume height gain as soon as i give it the extra calories it needs to do the building. Thats why they say that teens need lots of food.
So, if i want to gain height AND muscle, without sacrificing any of the 2 because of ones cost, do u think i should make a calorie surplus greater than 300 calories a day(which im creating right with the purpouse ofgaining muscle)?