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I've Started Losing and Need Advice

Hey guys I was a big fatty at 289.7 lbs a few years ago and then I went down to 227 lbs. Then I went to 240 and stayed there for a while and then early this year I went to 250. Now all this weight was lost with extreme dieting as I have never done any serious exercise before.

But in April I decided to make changes. I have started to eat really healthy over all and I am down to 219 lbs. I still have like 30% body fat and I am really weak in the upper body. So to get started in the routine I started the Beach Body program that I bought off TV back in 2004.

I am doing alot of research about exercises and I joined a gym as well. Now I was wondering since my upper body is really weak and I bought some Low Carb Protein shakes from here(T-Nation.com)

I just replace some meal with a 200 calorie shake and I am taking in Fish Oil and the HOT-ROX fat burner. In my opinion either the fat burner is totally useless or I am taking it at wrong times.( Any advise on when to take the HOT-ROX??)

So basically the Tony Horton’s Beach Body program is a 90 day noob program to start transforming the body to adapt to simple exercises. So far after 5 days my ass area…

quads are really sore and thighs too but I am really trying to do it, I can keep up with the pace 95% of the time and just struggle doing push ups. Should I take Whey Protein to get my muscles to gain strength quickly ? Are there any other things that I should be taking to give me a psychological boost ?

Thanks and I really appreciate you guys reading and responding. This year since May I have lost 31 lbs with better food and cardio.

Great work so far man; keep up the hard work!

HRX: take in between meals on an empty stomach. Start taking 1 three times a day, if that works fine for a week; up it to 2 twice a day.

Protien shakes: They will assist in muscle gain; but good amounts of healthy foods will do more.

Upper body strength: Benchpress, pull ups, rows and some arm movements (bicep/tricep) will help your upper body catch up.

As far as the workout program that you bought on TV; I’m not sure what it has you doing.

But if you are looking to loose fat while keeping muscle; your going to want to be doing workouts with high reps, super sets and cardio at some point. If your gym has kettle bells; look up some KB worktouts…they are outstanding and will keep your heartrate up enough to shed some pounds.

You’ve made it really far; never give up!

It looks like your doing pretty well but if your worried about loosing additional fat weight; post a day of your typical diet if you wana get more information on how to loose excess body fat. Also what are you doing for cardio and how often are you doing it?

Okay thanks for replying quickly. Basically I was doing one hour on treadmill at 4 to 6 mil. per hour. Alternating every few mins. But now its Ramadan so I am just doing the exercise routine from Tony Horton’s porgram. I am a student and security guard so at work I walk for like 1 hour to 2 hours when doing patrols of the complex. So as soon as Ramada is over I am going to do alittle bit of HIIT in the morning. I was reading in a magazine to start off with 10 sets of 2 mins at 90% of the pace and then 1 min of jog/walk.

My diet is as follows, basically I do not count EXACT calories but I am calculating them in my head. So these days… its like this.

Get up, eat 600 calories of protein from Chicken Breast, with that I would eat a fruit salad, then a liter of water, an hour or so later I pop in 2 Flameout. Then I do exercise, after that I take 2 HOT-ROX in. then several hours later I eat half a bowl of cantalope, or half strawberry and half mango. And then a Low Carb protein shake.

Also about the exercise, I alternate between weights and stretching, so the day I do weights I take in 2 scoop Surge shake.

Should I buy Isolated Whey protein to strengthen my muscles after exercise quickly?

Thanks for replying. Since the start of Ramadan I have been poping in 6 Flameout daily instead of the usual 4.