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I've Plateaued Badly


i have plateaued badly. my goal was to get 300 for a 1rm on the bench before football season and i got 275 4 months ago and now i am only at 285. my size gains have also stalled.
im 5'9 197

MY routine looks like this:

Monday: Chest and arms
Bench press 5 sets 10,8,6,4,2
DB Flat bench: 3 Sets 6,4,2
Dips: 3x10
Curls: 3x10

Tuesday: Legs
Squat: 5 sets 10, 8,6,4,2
Deadlift: 4 sets 6,4,3,2
Front squat: 3 sets 6,4,2

Wednesday: Back and shoulders
Military PRess: 4 sets 8,6,4,2
LAteral Raises: 3x10
Shrugs: 4 Sets 8,6,4,2
DB rows: 4 sets 8,6,4,2
Chinups: 3x10

Friday: Complete upper body
Bench press: 4 sets 8,6,4,2
Dips: 3x10
Db row: 4 sets 8,6,4,2
Chinups: 4x8
LAteral raises: 3x10

I dont have a set diet i just eat a lot of foods packed with protein, Nuts,chicken, steak, cold cuts, whey protein, Peanut butter, etc

thanks for the help


Have you tried creatine

For chest try adding decline bench, you need to do more triceps work, like triceps pull downs, dumbbell triceps extension. close grip bench

when was the last time you took a rest week


i havent taken a rest week ever. i am taking creatine right now and im doing board presses for tris right now its a new excersise i threw in


Are you gaining bodyweight?


your routine seems weird to me dude, try looking it over and changing up your excersises.


You do not seem to be doing much back work.

List what you eat. Most problems, especially plateau problems, can be traced to food intake. It is easy to say you get enough until you actually look at it. Let’s see it.


ok today i had for breakfast a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread with milk and a pear. after words i had a 22g protein shake two glasses of water and two hamburgers on wheat rolls. Then at work i had a protein bar containing 32 g of protein and for dinner i had a steakburger with fries with water


You’ve gotta eat more.


5 eggs
1/2 cup oatmeal
slice whole wheat bread
glass milk

Mid morning

4 oz chicken breast
protein shake
glass milk


2 cans tuna
baked potato
glass milk

Mid afternoon

4oz chicken breast
protein shake
glass milk


10 oz steak
1 cup broccoli
4 oz yam
1 cup pineapple
glass milk

After workout

Surge or protein shake add Gatorade, prefer Surge

You will get bigger and stronger on this diet. If you don’t gain weight, add more food.

Good Luck


Yer try eating a another meal on top of that if your not interested in a set diet, or maybe your over training give your body a rest plus your routine doesn’t sound very impressive, or maybe your back hasn’t grown enough to support a bigger chest. Your body tends to grow together.


yeah im going to try to add a little more food in or another protein shake a day. I want to try ws4sb but football is starting next week and i dont want to lose mass what should i do?


Are you pyramiding up on weight as your sets decrease in reps? Or do you have short rest periods? Rest/pause? Just trying to see what the deal is with your rep decrease routine and fixed rep sets.


Lower volume. Increase intensity. Pyramid sets up to a 3RM, then blast past that. Eat more, you should always be hungry.


ya im going up in weight every set like for bench ill do 185 205 225 245


Do you increase weight on your fixed rep sets too?

Do you have a second routine that you switch things up with? Changing things up sometimes helps to work through plateaus.


no i dont have second routine but now footballs starting and i do NOT want to lose any of my strength gains. Honestly being bigs cool but being strong is my main goal here