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I've Never Had a Flat Chest. Inner Chest Muscle Sucks. Help?

The outsides of my pecs have always been big, I could never figure out how to get my inner, especially inner up to grow to even it out.

Actually, one time I did get it to grow, and it was growing. I was stunned, but then work caught up to me and I completely forgot what I was doing to make it work. Years later I still don’t know.

Has anyone had this issue? I’m also very shoulder dominate so my shoulders can take over my exercise if I’m not super focused on mind-muscle connection.

Anyone gone through something similar? what has worked for you?

Some things I have started to try

-flies first to exhaust chest muscle
-more incline close group
-more machines
-more pushups

This seems to be working a little, any other suggestions ?

How much ya bench? How much ya weigh?

I can do 225 10x if I want, but I tend to go lower weight for fear of shoulder health. I haven’t maxed in a very long time.

I’m around 205-208 at 5’11. only fat is around the stomach area, which Is all from drinking which I have stopped. gonna try and get lean again.

Unlucky. I know dudes benching less than you with full chests lol.

Even if slapping more weight or going to failure isn’t an option there’s still other ways to progress. Have you been pushing and tracking progress in other ways?

Stubborn or not progress > more muscle > will fill out the chest and I guess it’s just gets bigger not really in any specific direction. If the inside is the slowest/last bit to fill in then you just gotta keep going. My inner chest (inner upper more like) too was the last bit to fill in. I didn’t do anything special for it just kept progressing

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This might sound stupid but I used to think the same thing and it turns out it was all in my head see if my body fat is in the High Teens mid-teens it’s hard for me in a mirror to see the line there but everybody else can so maybe before when you were doing whatever and it started helping it maybe your body fat was going down and that separation was becoming more pronounced.

maybe, but I remember when whatever the fuck I was doing was working I could feel it in my shirt, see it. People even commented like “wow your chest is bigger”

Now this doesn’t happen because the only progress I make is in the shoulder region, so then my shirt doesn’t fill out in the front because my shoulders push it so far out. I dunno. I gotta figure this out it’s annoying.

But at the end of the day maybe it is body fat and once I get below 15% things will change.

Think less about “pushing” and more about bringing your arm “across” your body.

Flies can be good, but sometimes people can press them out too much, or use too much bicep.

Try the Pec deck, or maybe some cable fly motion action where your elbows move in an arc and your hands press together. If you’re not super familiar with this motion, slow down on the eccentric/lowering and try to feel it in your chest. Maybe pause for a second near the “bottom” or “end” and keep that tension on your pecs. Hold the squeeze at the top for a 2 count, etc. You don’t need to do that forever, but going slower can help with MMC.

It may take a couple workouts to get comfortable with the motion if you’re not good at it or if your shoulders are whack.

It’s kinda silly, but you can also sit sideways on chest pressing machines so you can push sideways, across your chest instead of out or away.

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the pec deck does help, but that machine a long with the fly machine can always tweak my shoulder if I’m not careful. I can never do too much weight on those

That goes back to your Shoulder Dominance and lack of MMC.

You’re not good at that motion. You’re probably using too much front shoulder and pinching up your shoulder instead of “sweeping” your arm with your pec.

Spend some time with those adduction type exercises. Take your time and develop the MMC so you can do them pain free.

Maybe do some rear delt and mid back work to balance out the back of your shoulders with the front.

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That’s the direction I was going to go with it.

Getting the back into good strong working order puts the shoulders and pects into a better position to function and develop.

Basic rule of thumb- If you stand with arms relaxed at your sides and your thumbs end up turned inward (toward each other) then you’re getting inward rotation of the humerus, and most likely impingement in the shoulder.

Gotta loosen up the pects and front delts while strengthening the upper and mid back. Deads, rows, face pulls, band pull apart, etc.

Go slow. Don’t get a big stretch, pause at full stretch and in this case I think it is good to bring the handles together and try squeeze them so hard they break. As @FlatsFarmer said, focus on bring arms together, your arms are just big levers.

You don’t need much weight to work the muscle well.

Sitting sideways in a hammer strength chest press and pushing the weight across my body with the non-pushing arm holding my pec to maximize MMC has been a good tool for chest development. But mostly, inner chest ‘development’ often comes down to BF% and the visual effect on the pectorals.

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yeah I’ve been doing this a lot lately.

In the end It may just be this.

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Start and or finish workout with these below or diamond pushups…