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I've Never Done Ab Exercises


Ever since I've started working out I never dine ab exercises. What are some good ones beside regular crunches?


Deadlifts, squats, bent rows, leg raises, hyperextensions, weighted side bends, shoulder planches, planks, hanging twisting leg raises, pelvic rocks, lat machine twisting pull downs, feet-against-the-wall situps, I'm sure I have missed a couple thousand more. Using the search function will do wonders. Plenty-o info there.


If you're training for functionality and stability.





If you want a six pack, take a closer look at your nutrition and consider cardio.

Cool avatar by the way.


Just out of curiosity, what would you suggest if you aren't going for functionality?


If you're just looking for a six pack, but could give a rats ass about pulling big or squatting big then as I said really rein in your nutrition, start some kind of cardio, as far as movements that's what the search function is for. Most anything that engages the abs or weighted ab training will bring them out over time if your body fat is low enough, hence the attention to nutrition and cardio.


WTF is up with this forum....... Is it just me or is everyone starting similar threads? Or is it the same person with mutliple accounts?

There have been a bunch of AB training posts in the past few days. Is it just because its summer?


I was thinking the same thing, I'll chalk it up to summer for now.


In the summer time.......

For asusvenus, everything rumble fish said plus do shoulder planches. Three sets of six reps 3x per week for six weeks ought to bring it out fine. You just have to keep the body straight throughout the up and down movement.

Without the diet just use a black Sharpie and draw them in.