I've Missed You

Too funny :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Woah !!! Nostalgia!

Derail coming:

I saw a thread in another forum of fat TV guys from the past. There were so many I remember that the entire joke was that they were fat but you look at them now and think: 80% of people are waaaaay fatter than those guys.

Heres Tim Allen in the Santa Clause shocked to wake up as a fat guy jumping on the scales.and hitting 192lbs lol

Ive definitely got a golden horseshoe up my ass! Hope you are well!

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How are you doing Jen? I hope you are happy and fulfilled!

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Thanks. Life has its upside and downs. I think Ive had a fair share of both.

And likewise.

Thanks buddy !! Im certainly working on getting there . Glad you could pop by :relaxed: