I've Missed You

I have a bit of playtime. Do I have any old friends here still?

Biting. Exciting and delighting

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:laughing: Just kiddin. Hope you’ve been well. Good to see ya.

Hey @Edgy , check it out man!

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@CountRockula !

Damn, son…missed you round these parts!

Didja ever make it big in in wrasselin!

It’s so dead here. Man. What happened?

I’ve made splashes in wrestling here and there. Im still working at it.

How you been old man?

Yooooouuuuu lol

Hey man. I’m glad you remember me…hope you’re well.

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I’ve had a kid since the last time we’ve chatted. He’s 8 years old!

No one will forget you my man!

All the action moved to the training logs section. Thats where all the cool kids hang out these days.

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Wow, blast from the past -lol

Don’t know how long you’ve been absent, but I think most online forums have taken a hit somewhat in the age of social media. Par for the course I suppose.

Lots of changes.

@Grneyes and @Stinkfist ( Imhungry) still poke their heads in from time to time.

Some of the old timers are still here, but the discourse has shifted and is much more serious nowadays.

Are you willing to post some of the vids of you wrasselin?

Your fans require it…

I miss SAMA…

Those were the good ole days…


back when the interwebz was like the wild west … now it’s more like Jonestown

Miss you @angry_chicken ……

Yep. Those were the days before political correctness.

You an I are done here

I feel ya.

I had to stop posting anything interesting on public forums - those crazy fuckers might try to stalk me and cancel my ass.

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wassup Count! Haven’t talked to you in awhile. I’ve been on here much more sporadically than I used to be, I barely touched any weights for a full year. Back at it now though. Competing this weekend in Houston.

@angry_chicken my most vivid memory of you was yeaaaars ago when you told me anyone under 200 lbs (me) was small. Which was (and currently is) me, lol.

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I remember @angry_chicken had a service where he coached men on how to get better with the opposite sex.
I think he was pretty successful.

…he says from his den of loneliness

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When I was going down the evolutionary psychology rabbit hole, I remember reading that there is a certain “danger switch” flipped in the human brain that is triggered by a male over ~200lbs and “solid”.

On my weight training / rugby journey, I noticed that when I was under 200, when I tried to wade through a crowded bar or club, I’d get the “elbow checks” and having to say excuse me a lot. When I got to around 220 and in super league rugby shape (as opposed to being “all show and no go”), the dudes in the bar parted like the red fucking sea.

I definitely think there is some truth to the 200lb mark being considered “big”. I stand by my statement, sir! LOL

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The best part about it was that some of them paid me in BitCoin!

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I remember that you had a decent cache of bitcoin from wayyyy back.

Can’t imagine from back then to now- “Yeah. I’ll give this guy 10 bitcoin. That’s like $20.00 or whatever…”

To now “I can’t believe I gave that guy $350K to tell me how to talk to a girl.:exploding_head:”.

Though I should add, what you were doing was much deeper than just how to talk to a girl. :+1:

Depends on height, and leanness. A fat 200 lb guy is actually average. I diced 200 lb guy on the other had looks very muscular if around 6’ or under.

I am 5’10" and ATM 195 vascular and lean (at least compared to average Americans). A kid at a park told me I looked like Thor the other day. I also have hair that is similar to the Marvel Thor. Hemsworth should be insulted by that though as I think he is nearing 240.

No argument that being lean and mean is a good thing. And you look far leaner than I am right now. But the mechanism is more physics related: a hypothetical trained 250 lb man will hit exponentially harder than a hypothetical trained 190 lb man. All other things being equal. At around 200 lbs, the physical force that can be generated can really start to do some damage.

Glad you look like Thor! I look like Thor too (in the Avengers: Endgame! LOL)