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I've Hit a Wall


Recently My CGBP shot up from 260x3 max to 290x3 max in about 3 weeks. Although Ive been stuck at doing 290 for 2-3 reps now for 3 weeks. I barely got 2 reps today. I took 3 days off from gym about a week ago so im not over trained already. I really want to get it to 315 ASAP.

Whats a good way to bust through this plateau?


Well if you think 30lbs in 3 weeks is the progress you should expect all the time you have something coming to you. I'd be happy with 30 lbs on my bench in a year. Anywho you're taking too many sets to failure with max weight and your nervous system is probably fatigued hence the drop in weight. Cycle rep ranges, don't always go to failure, grow.


I was due for a strength increase. And I like to go up 5lbs a week, when that stop for a while somethings wrong. I only go to failure on the last of every set of each exercise. Im just wondering if I should like lower the weight a bit which I hate doing. TO like 280 or something and then work my way back up? Although Id hate to waste 3 weeks to hit the same plateau again if it doesnt work


You're not going to go up 5 pounds every week. This works for beginners but only to a point, and you're most likely past this point. In my opinion, going to failure on the last set of every exercise is way too damn much, and lowering the weight and working back up doesn't mean 10 pounds. Like austin said, you need to cycle your rep ranges. Working up to a heavy triple every time isn't going to work for long.


My progress is like this. It will stall anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months, and then rocket. Then stall. Then rocket, and maybe fall back a little bit, then recover. It's a zigzag pattern. I still haven't figured out what to do other than think of it as a long-term trend. I am benching 235 now, I was benching 135 a little more than a year ago (with plateaus at 165, 185 and 225 that all eventually ended). I've been at 235 for three weeks, tested 240 yesterday and failed :frowning:


Work on technique to get your 315.

Make sure your base is solid by hitting the face pulls and chin ups.

Do other assistant work.

And yeah, like someone mentioned, your gains will start to slow after a certain point.


If you want to reach 315, get rid of the "asap" mentality. That's how people get hurt.

You are at 290 right now, so work for 295, then 300, etc.

Keep the goal in mind (315) but keep your mind on the current work out.


Bench 290 for 10 and Im sure youll get to 315. If you cant add reps, eat more.

If youre consistently lifitng in the 2-3 rep range, take up powerlifting.

Taking every exercise to failure is dumb for natural lifters.


technique is the first part to make sure your covering all grounds.