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I've Got to Be Doing Something Wrong


i am trying to lose weight, and lots of it. Im coming off of yet another QL injury, so I am sort of taking it slow with a standard starr 5x5 program and a sub 30 gm of carb per day diet. I am starting off pretty light with the weights due to the injury (I have been given the ok by my sports med doc). I am in the low 30% body fat range according to a bod pod measurement.

at any rate, i have been feeling really drained lately so I started using this protocol based on CT's "Refined physique Transformation" article

Pre-Workout (30 minutes prior)
5g glutamine
5g creatine
10g whey isolate

30g BCAA
10g of glutamine

30g of glutamine
10g leucine
30g whey isolate
(dont have glycine yet)

I only take this on the days that I am lifting. my weight has stayed static, but my muscles are definitely feeling fuller and the next day I feel like the energy is back. This is different than prior to the protocol where my muscles just felt drained all the time. My workout energy has also improved.

heres the issue:
Generally about 10 minutes after drinking the post work out drink, I am feeling light headed and nauseous and this lasts for about 2 - 3 hours. During this period, I literally feel like my IQ has dropped, which is effecting my job performance. I also usually have diarrhea 30 minutes after the workout.

whats going on here? how can i keep the increase in workout capacity without effecting my job performance?


As the old saying goes, "diarrhea is weakness leaving the body." or is that pain? tomato/tamato.

Anyways... Try cutting down your doses until you build a tolerance.
I found that if I take too many BCAA/Glutamine cocktails during the day I have the same "pain" leaving my body. I cut back the doses for a full weak then worked back up.

Also, you may want to up your carbs to 50 grams peri-workout so your muscles and your brain don't compete over the fuel.


thanks for the reply

BCAA/Glutamine is probably causing the nausea

im wondering if i may have gotten slightly hypoglycemic as well.