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I've Got Mono

I wasn’t sure where to post this, so I figured i’d just post it here. My doctor just told me i have mono and that i cant play any contact sports. Of course baseball just started so this was PERFECT timing. He said I can lift but i have to go by how i feel. Truthfully, i feel fine and im not tired at all. Has anyone had mono and was able to workout heavy becasue im scared about my spleen for example with heavy deads or squats. If so what exercises were you able to do and the type of training you did.

Boy have fun. Should have stayed away from all the multiple ladies at once. LOL

Anyhow, I had it years back. I will tell you most days were pretty much normal except I was always thirsty. So I just stayed hydrated and worked out as usual.

There were two or three days though that I was walking dead and couldnt have done a good workout if I wanted. On those days, if you have them just rest up, (most likely you will have no choice) and it will pass before you know it.

It was a pain butt, though nothing more hampering than the regular old flu in my case, didnt last more than a week and I was up and going.

Get well, and then get back to liftin heavy tell then just listen to your body.

Good luck,

hey man that sucks

not to put a bad projection of the future for ya, but i had problems with being fatigued for 7 months after i had mono. Just stay strong and chill, it’ll pass.

My sister had it a long time ago, and the one thing I remember about it was that she was always fatigued. I don’t know if there is a nutritional counter-balance to the fatigue (i.e. supps or diet), but it seemd like she just laid around the house for months.

I am suprised he gave you the okay to lift. There is a very real danger of rupturing your spleen from overexertion. This is why they limit sports activity.

Yeh he kind of did and kind of didn’t. He said go by how you feel, but i think when he said exercise he meant like running, pushups, stuff like that, I dont think he meant heavy squatting or deadlifting. Plus baseball season started so everything i lifted for is now gone, thats why im itching to get back even though i got mono. I dont feel tired at all, just my glands are swollen and my stomach hurts a lil once a while.

back when i had it i still ran cross country – the doctor okayed my to keep running, but i look back and it was probably a bad idea, like i need to tell a lifter this, but eat a lot of protein, that helped me counter the fatigue. also when u find yourself sleep more than ur buddies, dont worry about it or think you are less hardcore. feeling weak made me feel like shit psycologically, when i look back, the mental stress of it was the only thing i am sure i could have countered, so dont let things get to ya.

You need to be careful because you can get sick very easily while you have mono. Don’t push your body until you’re exhausted. The best part is that you can only get it once. The worst part is that it will take awhile to get completely over.

Yeh, i want to lift so badly, but im not sure what type of lifting. Im thinking just slow tempo, more like time under tension trainging with not a lot of weight so my system isnt over exerted.

You CAN get mono more than once. I had it back in the day and while I was sick this girl wanted the D anyways. I told her that I would get her sick, she said she’d already had it and therefore couldn’t get it again, I said that’s wrong. Well, she got mono and strep.