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I've Got An Empty Keg, Now What?


How do I fill the keg with water? It didn't come with instructions - haha. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks!


If I recall correctly from my Fraternity days......Take a screwdriver and poke it into the little ball on top. The bearing is under a spring/tension, and use the screwdriver to wedge it open.....then use a hose to fill it up to desired weight.

Be careful when initially pokeing at the ball/bearing, as it may still be under pressure....and have some nasty skunk beer behind it.


nevermind, I got it. I should really wait longer before I ask questions. Now I'm pumped!


You can also remove the whole piece by removing the retainer clip and the whole center piece comes out. you may need to break the clip. Then grab it with a needle noise pliers and pull out the retainer clip. then the whole center piece comes out. Close it with a drain plug from the pluming section of you favorite hardware store.


Mine, Miller Brewing Co., I believe, had no "clip" and needed a bung wrench. Not having a bung wrench at home, I used the old pliers trick and it screwed it right out, check valve and all. Now I just use that everytime I want to put water/sand/gravel in it.