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IVE DONE IT! Become a Man.


Today. On March 2nd 2006. I, Anthony H., have become a man and conquered the feat that many of us must go through to truly achieve manhood. It was so much better than when I practiced it by myself, though it didn't last as long. It was much more enjoyable to share the experience with someone special. It was also a lot different from what I had heard about it. I can hardly wait until I get to do it again!

Yes. That's it. I did it...

I opened a jar of pickles for my family. Hadn't been opened before.

I'm the man now.


You know pre-marital jar opening is a sin right? You're a sinner. May God have mercy on your soul.



Another way to beome a man.


Congrats! I'm still opening Coke bottles for my female friends. One day I'll conquer the jars, too.


I bet someone in your family said "Yeah, but I loosened it for you".


Did you wash up afterwards?


Pickle jars?

I though for sure this would involve fishnet hose, a hooker named Candy and toolworld at Lowes...


I hope to God you used protection. You know, at least opened it over the sink...