I've Done 5x5, What's Worked for You?

i had tremendous gains i had 30 pounds in my first month and went from 165 as my max to 195, now i had been lifting steadily for about a year so it’s not like i was new to lifting for the gains or anything.

So i’m asking what has worked for you guys in 5x5 i cant do legs because i’m recovering my knee from surgery my main goal is benching i want to get to 225 and of course i want to do the rest of my body like my triceps, biceps, abs, back, etc. i just don’t know how to put it together in a 3 times a week workout can anybody help me my max right now is only 170 and is pretty much where i started last time so i will do my best to get there all i need is a solid routine

if anybody could post something that would be great

What kind of 5x5?

Straight sets or did you ramp up to one working set?

well i was planning on staying the same the whole time that is how i got up there last time plus it’s easier

Don’t know how you think it’d be easier if you’ve never tried “ramping up” to one working set. (you never said you have or haven’t; i’m assuming) I’ve tried both approaches over the years and to be honest I’ve made better gains with Bill Starr’s 5x5 over a more conventional approach … it takes me a lot longer on the program to stall out using a program like Bill Starr’s …

Plus why are you asking what’s worked for us when you were already planning on staying with what’s worked for you even though (assumption) you’ve never tried another 5x5 approach … fuckin guy

i meant what excersices not how many reps and sets

[quote]italianbull38 wrote:
i meant what excersices not how many reps and sets [/quote]

Wait so you’re sticking to the 5x5…but you want us to tell you what exercises to change?

OP check your PM’s