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I've Decided to B&C; Want Veteran Advice


Hey everyone, as you see I’ve decided to B&C. I wanted some advice over a few things. First being cruise doses many of you like to use. Cruise lengths/blast lengths, etc. I have no concerns with my health except in regards to fertility. I plan on having kids in a couple years so I wanted to hear the best way to make sure that’s still possible while blasting and cruising. I have a few ideas, one using HCG during my blasts, using high doses of proviron during my blasts, very small SERM doses during cruises, etc… Also, will be giving GH a go during my first cruise and wanted some advice with this as well. Looking to get a good conversation going here…thanks guys.


I’m certainly not a Vet, however HCG should be used both during blasts and when cruising at around 250iu 3x a week.

This is common practice when going on TRT, which is essentially what you are doing. Some users are able to have kids whilst doing this, some are not.

You may find that you can have kids, or you might have to come off and run a SERM for a while to try to restore natural production and fertility.

There is a chance that this will not work and fertility could become a long term/permanent issue after being on for years.

You could check your fertility now and if all is good then use a sperm bank as a precaution.

In my opinion if you are planning to have kids within the next few years then this would be a really bad time to decide to start to blast and cruise. I assume you are in a serious relationship if you know that kids are around the corner then this decision could potentially ruin everything.

I would have some kids then start to blast and cruise, unless you have health issues due to low T currently.

This is just how i would view things if it were me.


Just to add - We know from recent lab work that SERMs whilst on even 100mg t per week have no effect on LH/FSH levels. This will be shut down the whole time. You need to use the hCG to mimic the LH and keeps the testes going but there is nothing you can do to keep lh/fsh going.