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I've changed my mind!

I decided to return to Drax, no more Nathan Say!

Drax, you need another hobby to keep you busy. Considering where you live, how about tea pot collecting? It’s a bit rough on the heart though. :slight_smile:

Well, Drax now formerly Nathan Say, you could STILL go to Hatley Castle. Check this out:

"Filming continues all this week at Hatley Castle on scenes showing Stryker's troops raiding Xavier's school for gifted youngsters. Black helicopters have been sighted by locals buzzing the castle and numerous extras dressed in soldier garb have been seen on the grounds.

As filming on these exterior scenes take place, Singer is concentrating on filming the interior shots of this sequence inside the Vancouver studios. Scenes showing Wolverine, Iceman, Rogue, Pyro, Colossus scrambling around smoke-filled hallways and under attack are being shot, including one moment when Logan tosses a character named Jones (played by Connor Widdows) to Colossus. Friday will see a dramatic confrontation happen between Stryker and Wolverine."

Hey that wasn’t me! >:( Somebody’s an imposter!

I’m not Drax anymore! Somebody’s hjacked my name & trying to be funny! I didn’t know there was still stuff going on there. It hasn’t been on TV or in the paper.

Great. This is like an old episode of Star Trek with multiple Captain Kirks fighting one another.

Or like on Army of Darkess where Ash fights those little Ashes & eventually swallows boiling water to get the one who crawls down his throat.

Frankly I think we need a “login” user name so as to avoid such mishaps. Otherwise the haunting by dozens of Captian Kirk’s would be out of the relm of possability:-P