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I've Been Threatened on Facebook


I left a status update today making a comment about a cup final that took place in Scotland today. Obviously all in good jest.

Anyway some guy I used to hang out with sporadically suddenly jumped in and started becoming agressive. This culminated with him threatening me with violence.

This then progressed onto pm's which contained death threats.

What should I do?


Squat........ Heavy.


Man, you crazy fuckers and your soccer! I routinely write hockey-related shit on the walls of friends, such as "The Leafs suck balls, and if you like them, your gay is ghey!! UR GHEY!!", and so far, no death threats.

Anyway, do you interpret this guy to be an actual threat? I bet if you showed up at his house seeking to "smooth out" the matter, he wouldn't talk so tough. Or maybe he would. I have no idea.

Regardless, document and date any correspondence you have with him.


If it was any other sport I would say man up. But you soccer guys are fucking crazy. Take that shit serious.


tell him to come at you, bro


Arrange to meet up for a Deadlift challenge.

Then don't turn up.


I was going to suggest a "Subscapularis Flex-Off" contest, but deadlifts would suffice as well...


There's a thin line between social networking and anti-social networking. But...you know the guy, so deal with it appropriately. If he's a 'Begbie' capable of following through on his threats, take it further; if not he's blowing smoke.


Hahaha!! Love this!!


Online threats are extremely difficult to prove. All the guy has to say is he was joking around. Its hard to prove Intent. and intent is necessary in court. People threaten each other every day. you cut someone off in traffic, and they may threaten you. You beat someone to a parking spot at a mall and they can threaten you. its words, and words are protected free speech.


RV has spoken. Bodybags 'n' toe tags.


Was he drunk? How long ago was this? You must have really said something to piss him off or you took him too seriously, otherwise something doesn't quie add up.

does he live anywhere near you??


To paraphrase RV, make like a circa 1600's Hungarian Warrior and do......whatever this guy would do....


Or these guys...


I'm curious as to how the conversation progressed to turn into threats. You could have ignored or 'unfriended' him once he went off the rails.

Sort of like here at TN. If I think that someone is completely mentally unstable, I can choose to put them on my ignore list and pretend they don't exist.


Duh, stop playing soccer


Or they can play quid quo pro and send your recreational posts crashing into your professional life..


I think my option is better, but what do I know?


Too late :frowning:

The mental instability was underestimated.


Kill him first.