I've Been Stuck for Years

Hello everyone i’m 33 yo 5’8" and 161 lbs, i’m have a nice shape for not taking any kind of supplements ( no protein etc.) i tried all them and i did not see any changes in my body and i spent a lot of money for 0 results…I workout 5 days a week for the past 12 years, i eat 5 to 6 meals a day ( proteins,carbs and fruits )

i looks the same since i was 18 yo, i’m happy but i always wanted to put 15 lbs extra…but my body can’t gain any weight…so here i’m stuck for all these years…i have to options and here is when i need your advice and expertise…

(1)- would like to do a few cicles that will allow me to put 10 to 15 lb of muscle in a way that if i stop using these products i can keep that body weight and shape. I need something that will produce the lower side effects.

        (2) now if i decide i don't want to do cicles what are my optiong ( products ) out there that really work and can get me 10 to 15 lbs of muscles.


im in the same boat as you really. im 37 and have decided to start a cycle. i ordreded the stuff for delivery on july 16th from my trainer. well i was on vacation the week before and i debated back and forth do i really want to do it.i went back and forth and did decide to take the plunge.

my point being ,you cant worry about the side effects that much. you want results?its gonna come with a price to some degree,wether that be some acne,some bloat ,some hairloss.
make sure you have a clean source,someone trustworthy,this is your health. and that has to be paramount.

so that being said,i say take the plunge.i figured there is somethign out there that can help us mine as well take advantage of it.
do it safely and responsibly. read up on everythign you can. read about peoples cycle logs. go to the search here and just write steroids and tons of useful info will be there.
pm me if you have any questions as i took my first shot on monday night.

10-15 lbs of muscles will take you a few years of hard work to get. At your age you can probably put on 3 lbs of muscles per year, tops. And that is with hard work and proper nutrition.

Supplements won’t help. Whole food is just as good as supplement.

At 5’8" and 161lbs, you’re neither stuck nor is your body incapable of growing. Have you tried going on a proper muscle-building diet? Can’t build a house without a foundation.

If you’re not gaining weight, you’re not eating enough.

I am interested to know what your daily diet looks like.

If you read this article:


You will find Tony Gentilcore hears these thing s everday, and they are false:

“I eat really well.”

“My diet is fine.”

“I make great food choices.”

So, help us to help you and let us know exactly what your daily diet looks like.

After My show is over I will begin critiquing diets, training and cycling. PM me if your are interested.