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I've Been Going About Nutrition All Wrong

Hello all,

So I’ve been on this thread for about 2 months now and I first wanted to say thank you for the wealth of useful information and the do’s and don’ts of the training and pharma world. After reading about 15 different threads on here I decided to dig up some research on macros and the role they play in weight loss and boy did it open up my eyes big time…

A little background of where I am at… I am a 25yo Male, 251lbs, ~30% BF +/- 1%. My goal is to cut down to ~215lbs by the end of July. Currently two weeks in (started week 3 yesterday) my diet and workout plan.

Right now I am running:
Test P (50mg/ED)
Anavar (50mg oral solution/ED)
ECA stack (25mg Ephedrine, 200mg Caffeine, 80mg Aspirin - ED pre-workout)
Anastrozole (0.25mg/EOD)
Provimed (50mg/ED)

My training is:
20-30 mins cardio before every workout
Pyramid set all core workouts (4-5 core workouts per day, 5x week) sets go 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2
(1 = 15, 2 = 10-12, 3 = 7-10, 4 = 4-6)
Auxiliary lifts (usually 3 per day time permitting, 2 minimum) are 4 x 15

My diet WAS consisting of:
175g protein/day
~1800 calories/day

And that was about as far as I got… I got the misconception that ALL a diet consists of is protein and calories in vs. calories out and I COULD NOT have been more wrong with that assumption. After doing my due diligence as a daily poster/reader on this site I decided to dive into the world of macros and I am so glad that I have done that. I feel like what I am doing right now is working to a certain degree but I am not getting 100% out of my body and I know that for sure because I can feel it. My workouts are becoming less and less effective and I know that forsure has to do with the fact that my body is lacking the proper nutrients it needs in order to keep up with my intense training regiment and the supplements/gear I am taking. After looking everything up I think I have properly calculated my macros which is why I wanted to post here to get some guidance and insight from some people who are more experienced in this realm as diet hasn’t been the strong suit of my lifting/athletic career.

I have it figured that with my body type and goal I need to be at 25% carbs, 40% fats, and 35% protein. My daily caloric intake to hit 215 lbs is about 2000 calories/day (wasn’t too far off on that).

Please, any and all input is valuable on this. What do you guys think and what do I need to tweak??

Just curious how long have you been lifting for?

I’ve been lifting since I was 18, I took a break from Dec. 2017 - January 2019 because my son was just born and I tore my labrum in my shoulder and had to get it laproscopically repaired.

Carb timing and micros are really important, too. Out of curiosity, why is your fat % so high?

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Whenever I tore my labrum I couldn’t do anything for 7 months, and after that I was really inactive because I was working 70+ hours/week and spending the rest of my time with my son. I pretty much ate like shit and did nothing for about a year and a half and I’m paying a hefty consequence for it.

Diet, do this…

Training, do this…

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If you put as much effort into researching proper diet/nutrition than what cycles to take, you’d be in a better situation. Its shameful that you didn’t realize that.


100%, and I have paid the price. Fortunately, I am on top of it now and heading in the right direction!

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It wouldn’t be a bad move to work with a professional for your nutrition. I’d highly suggest that, the same way people would consult with a coach for their training.